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Ken Shamrock & Kimbo Slice Both Fail Bellator 149 Drug Tests, Because MMA

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Well, if we weren’t being forced to reconsider the moral implications of this whole “freakshow fight” concept before, we sure as Hell are now.

You guys remember Bellator 149, right? The card with the one fight where the guy almost died and the other fight where one of the guys probably should have died, but instead one of them just got kneed in the nuts? It was truly one of the peak moments in our sport’s young history, but as they say, “nothing stays gold forever.”

According to a report by MMAFighting that broke Friday evening – and would have been covered by us had we not been face deep in a hot wing eating competition at Dave & Buster’s at the time (we took 3rd out of 12, not that you care) — both the guy who didn’t almost die (Kimbo Slice) and the guy who suffered his first career loss via test-nical knockout (Ken Shamrock) failed their pre-fight drug tests.

Slice and Shamrock had banned substances in their system per the results of pre-fight drug tests, multiple sources said.

Both men have been administratively suspended by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) pending an adjudication process, sources said. The official test result documents, showing the exact substances Slice and Shamrock tested positive for, have been withheld by the TDLR due to potential pending litigation. Athletes on the card had urine samples taken before their bouts.

You said it, bird character from The Muppets whose name escapes me.

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