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Kevin Aguilar Was Built To Put On Exciting Fights in the UFC

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Kevin Aguilar knows deep down he should already be in the UFC.

The reigning and defending LFA featherweight champion — a promotion notorious for shipping athletes to the UFC — has been waiting for his call while riding a six-fight win streak including knockouts over UFC veteran Damon Jackson and past Contender Series competitor Thahn Le.

Actually his most recent win over Le had Aguilar convinced that he would finally get the call up to join the UFC roster.

“I was very excited to get the call. It was kind of like waiting and just a matter of time,” Aguilar told MMAWeekly. “After I beat Thahn Le in my last fight, I’m thinking they can’t deny me now cause I just beat one of their guys who was primed to go to the UFC. I’m just waiting for my phone call, waiting for my manager to get a hold of me and then all of a sudden we go out there to meet them and we tell them anywhere, any place, any time, any show.

“Sure enough they called us a few days later saying we need you for the Contender Series at 155 pounds. I’m excited as hell to go fight for you and show you all what’s up.”

While Aguilar is a natural featherweight, he didn’t issue a single complaint about going up to 155 pounds for his opportunity to compete on the Contender Series where he’ll make his debut on Tuesday night against Joey Gomez.

Even the fact that this fight came up on short notice didn’t rattle Aguilar because he’s the kind of fighter who stays ready so he never has to get ready.

Of course it’s not uncommon for some fighters to complain about the path they are forced to take to get into the UFC and it would be understandable if Aguilar was among them. Considering he’s a devastating finisher with quality wins for a promotion that typically feeds fighters to the UFC, Aguilar probably should have already been competing inside the Octagon.

Given those facts it might seem like Aguilar could have a massive chip on his shoulder but he says that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“You can’t really complain, you can’t really argue. They’re giving you an opportunity so why would you not take it? Why would you not be excited about it?” Aguilar said.

“I’m ready to make a statement. I’m ready to show the UFC what I’ve got.”

Considering the way Aguilar competes where he rarely takes the foot off the pedal for 25 straight minutes, it’s tough to imagine he wouldn’t be able to impress UFC president Dana White enough to give him a shot after his fight on Tuesday night.

That being said, Aguilar knows nothing is guaranteed until he goes out there and performs and that’s exactly what he’s promised to do with his shot in the Contender Series.

“The way I approach fights, I’ve fought every type of fighter out there — wrestlers, kickboxers, taekwondo guys, jiu-jitsu fighters — and I’ve beaten them all,” Aguilar said. “My mindset is just to go in there and just dismantle my opponent in their weakest area or maybe their strongest area. I’m going to go out there and win no matter what.

“I’m just ready for my shot. I’m ready to show them I was made for this. I was born for this. It’s crazy that y’all haven’t called me up already to put on amazing fights for y’all.”

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