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‘King Mo’ Lawal felt he won fight against Phil Davis at Bellator 154

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SAN JOSE, Calif. — King Mo Lawal felt he took the first two rounds against Phil Davis on Saturday night at Bellator’s show in San Jose, but he admitted he was hardly confident he had won the decision going into the third round.

“Yeah, I wasn’t sure,” he said. “Look at the Quinton Jackson fight. I thought I won that fight and they gave a unanimous decision to him. I thought I won the first two. In the third, I think he won, but I came up and kept trying to finish the fight.

“For some reason, whenever there’s a close fight, I always end up losing,” said Lawal, who ranged between vehement and somewhat despondent in talking about the fight. “I thought I won the first two, but in the third he clipped me on the top of the head. He went for a Kimura, but I wasn’t worried about that because he’s not going to submit me. When I got free, I took the fight to him. I was hitting him. I knew it was going to be an ugly fight. He likes to fight tit-for-tat. He won’t commit to nothing. He hit me with three jabs. His kicks, they were hitting my arms. He went for takedowns and I stuffed him.

“Maybe I can get a rematch with him. Everyone thought he was going to smash me and take me down. They forgot I could wrestle. He wrestled in college. I wrestled grown men overseas. Respect me. Respect my f***ing name. Respect what I do.”

The battle pitted two top tier wrestlers, who had been training partners in both of their respective sports in the past. Davis first met both Lawal and Daniel Cormier about a dozen years ago, when Davis had just gotten out of high ….View full article

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