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King Mo: Robbie Lawler is a huge fan of WWE’s John Cena

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In news that won’t make many people happy, it appears that the former UFC welterweight champion is a huge fan of a pro wrestler that many adults can’t stand. If you ask King Mo, anyway.

Robbie Lawler is a warrior. Almost every time he steps in the cage, he gets involved in some of the best fights of the year, especially during his run as the UFC welterweight champion. The idea that a man as brutal as Lawler could be a fan of pro wrestling isn’t that big of a stretch, but if you listen to King Mo Lawal, the guy that Lawler admires the most in pro wrestling is probably someone you’d never guess – John Cena.

During an appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Mo let it slip that his former teammate Lawler was at WrestleMania in Orlando. Then this happened:

Here’s a transcript for those that can’t hear (or read) the video:

Ariel: “By the way, when you were at Mania with Robbie Lawler, did you ask him about ATT?”

Mo: “Nah, because he was busy talking about John Cena. You know he’s a closet John Cena fan? All he was talking about was John Cena. That’s all he was talking about, John Cena.”

Ariel: “I would never have guessed that.”

Mo: “Dead serious.”

Ariel: “Was he doing the ‘You Can’t See Me’? Wearing all the stuff? All that?”

Mo: “Yeah, he said for his next fight, if he gets the knockout he’ll do ‘You Can’t See Me’.”

Ariel: “Stop it. Get outta here. I don’t believe that.”

Mo: “I’m dead serious! Ask him! Ask him! His son was with him too. His son goes with him too. I’m dead serious, the man loves John Cena.”

Lawal went on to explain that Lawler was wearing a Cena jersey and even had the orange “Never Give Up” towel of Cena’s in his back pocket. When Ariel asked if Mo was surprised by that, he had the line of the day:

“I was disgusted. I can’t stand John Cena.”

Mo followed that up with photo evidence, truly calling out Lawler on his fandom:

For those of you that don’t watch pro wrestling, John Cena is on one of the most divisive figures in sport entertainment. He’s been around WWE for 15 years and still draws a strong positive reception from some of the WWE crowd – but it’s mostly from younger viewers nowadays. He’s regularly booed out of the building by adults, despite always being portrayed as the good guy. It’s not seen as cool at all to be a John Cena fan any more (and hasn’t been for a long time), so you can understand why Ariel was so surprised that certified badass Robbie Lawler would be a mark for him.

Obviously this doesn’t mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things, but I found great amusement in the whole deal.

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