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Kingdom’s Jonathan Tucker on the pain and reward of playing a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ role

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Kingdom’s Jonathan Tucker discusses all that goes into his role as the wild and unpredictable fighter, Jay Kulina, on the hit MMA show “Kingdom” on Audience Network.

The sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) has long been known for its wild and unpredictable nature, which is what Jonathan Tucker, the star of the hit Audience Network drama “Kingdom,” channels into his multi-layered and emotionally complex character Jay Kulina.

Training out of his father Alvey’s gym Navy St. in Venice Beach, California, Kulina is a talented fighter, but he is plagued by addiction. Tucker’s performance covers the entire spectrum of emotion, taking the viewer through moments of levity and triumph, before effortlessly transitioning into deep moments of despair and violent fits of rage as Kulina battles his inner demons.

Tucker is among a talented cast featuring seasoned actor Frank Grillo, Matt Lauria, Kiele Sanchez and Nick Jonas, but when he is on the screen he is a scene-stealer. Whether by raising an eyebrow, bursting into tears over his mother, or strolling around a pool party rocking a speedo and indulging in what he shouldn’t be, Tucker always commands full attention.

“It’s fun to hit these extraordinary highs and lows,” Tucker told MMAmania.com recently. “It’s the same reason that we love fighting. The drama is extraordinary so to be given a role of a young man who can be that high and that low, who can be extraordinarily funny at one moment and then completely beaten and despondent the next. It’s a gift to ride that journey.”

Delving into a rollercoaster of a role that demands for drastic swings in mood and emotion sounds as daunting as it truly is. Tucker admits that it can be tough on him both physically and emotionally, but it’s ultimately what got him into acting in the first place.

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