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Las Vegas Police responds to call to action from Jessy Jess over burglary

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With an apparent suspect in their sights, UFC flyweight Jessica-Rose Clark is hoping to push the LVMPD into action over the January burglary that resulted in the death of her cat.

Just ahead of the biggest fight of her MMA career, UFC flyweight Jessica-Rose Clark was on the receiving end of a more figurative punch in the gut. The rising Syndicate MMA talent revealed on Twitter that, in the days leading up to UFC Fight Night: Stephens vs. Choi, her house had been burgled, resulting in over $30,000 in stolen property and the death of her cat, Dwight.

A tragic unfolding of events at any time, but especially when headed into a major athletic competition. Eventually, Clark would walk away with a unanimous decision win over Paige VanZant, but now it seems she has another fight on her hands. This time with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD), and their apparent unwillingness to follow up on her case.

However, in a statement to MMA Fighting, Laura Meltzer – a spokesperson for the Clark County District Attorney’s Office – made it clear that the investigation is still “active.”

“It is still an active investigation,” Meltzer said. “They are still trying to get the warrant in the system. And then that individual is still subject to arrest.”

Reportedly, Meltzer also added that there was no “probable cause” to charge the suspect in question with the death of Clark’s cat, unless more information comes to light. Whether any of this actually results in further action from the police toward making an arrest remains to be seen.

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