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Last man to win a UFC fight in New York, Marco Ruas says legalization will revolutionize MMA

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MMA is finally legal in New York State, and all the major promotions are already looking for dates and locations for events later this year. The UFC plans on doing two shows in New York in 2016, marking their return to the state almost 21 years after their only trip to New York.

Inside the Buffalo Memorial Auditorium on Sept. 8, 2005, Marco Ruas won the UFC 7 one-night, eight-man tournament. Two decades later, “The Brawl in Buffalo” finally goes from last UFC in New York to first of many.

“I think the exposure will be huge because New York has people from all around the world. That’s the biggest exposure they can get,” Ruas told MMA Fighting. “It was important for me to have fought in Buffalo. I believe I’m more famous because the tournament I won was there. They usually did events in places like Texas, so it was a big deal there. The UFC being as big as they are today, they will get their biggest gates, their biggest shows to New York. It’s going to be great for the sport.

“It will revolutionize the sport. The whole world is interested in MMA now. The UFC is the biggest promotion. There are other shows, but you can’t compare it to the UFC and its brand. The guy says ‘I’m a UFC champion’ and it’s different. The Bellator champion can’t get even close. They have been doing this for years, and keep getting stronger and stronger. Now with MMA legal in New York, promoters will make a lot of money, and fighters will also become more popular and make more money.”

If John McCain had never started his war against mixed martial arts in the past, Ruas believes the sport would have gone in a complete different direction.

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