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Leaked pic of new UFC Reebok uniforms show ‘injection of color’

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The future is looking bright — well, brighter — for those folks competing under the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) banner.

That’s because the Reebok uniforms that all mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters are required to wear inside the Octagon will receive an “injection of color,” which is expected to improve upon the drab black-and-white threads currently on display (see them here).

From our friends at Middle Easy:

I kinda like the blue, it makes the fighter look like Kurtis Stryker from Mortal Kombat. Speaking of which, that character was garbage, but easily had the best Friendship finisher in the game.

Anyway, the UFC-Reebok deal has come under heavy fire since its inception in 2015 because of the limitations imposed on outside sponsorships (more on that mess here). Not that any of that will change moving forward, but with all those colors flying around I can’t wait to watch the open workouts.


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