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Live Chat: Jon Jones development, UFC 206 talk, Tim Kennedy and USADA, Urijah Faber’s legacy

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This is the Promotional Malpractice Live Chat.

Despite there being a lack of events, there’s still a lot going on. For starters, it appears Jon Jones could be headed for partial exoneration. As his attorney Howard Jacobs has explained, independent USADA tests confirm he was taking a contaminated product? Will USADA and the Nevada Athletic Commission care? We’ll find out. In the meantime, he’s been tweeting bizarre things that indicate, at a minimum, he’s competitively frustrated.

Long-time WEC and UFC veteran Urijah Faber also announced this week he’s retiring. What makes him notable was not merely his record of success, but noteworthy failures. He was an entrepreneur, something of a trailblazer, a credit to combat athletes everywhere…

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