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Logan Storley Will Never Apologize for Using His Wrestling to Win Fights

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Logan Storley is constantly working to evolve his mixed martial arts arsenal but he’s never going to forget his greatest weapon.

As he transitioned into MMA after being a four-time All-American wrestler at the University of Minnesota, Storley already had an incredible foundation to build upon when he began fighting.

Like so many wrestlers before him, Storley knew that his ability to take an opponent down at will was going to give him an advantage in almost every fight, especially as he was starting his career.

Now that Storley is 3-0 in Bellator MMA — and going for his fourth win this weekend — he’s still relying on his wrestling to dominate the competition. And if you’re hoping that the South Dakota native will suddenly abandon his grappling game to engage in a full on brawl with opponent A.J. Matthews on Saturday night, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

“I got into the sport of MMA to become the best in the world,” Storley explained when speaking to MMAWeekly. “It wasn’t about becoming famous. I don’t care. I’m not really a huge social media guy. I don’t care. I have a good life, great friends, everything else. I went to the University of Minnesota, I was a four-time All-American, got a college degree and could have done other things. I got into this sport for one reason and that was to become world champ.

“However it takes to get me there and maybe that’s my wrestling and some people may not like it, I may not be as popular right away — I don’t care. It doesn’t really matter to me. To me, that’s the biggest difference. Guys want to go out there and put on a show and I get it. Fans are paying money and MMA is entertainment. Every sport is entertainment. You pay money to watch athletes entertain us. I get that aspect. But for me it’s about becoming the best in the world.”

That’s why Storley is never going to apologize for taking his opponents to the ground and then pummeling them into the mat.

In a sport where so much is determined on high risk and high reward, Storley prefers to cut down on the odds that he’s going to lose any fight by bringing the competition into his world on the ground.Logan Storley RFA

Of course, Storley continues to build his entire MMA arsenal but if Matthews or anybody else can’t stop him from planting them on the mat and beating the crap out of them, then he’s going to keep doing it.

“What I’m best at is moving forward, throwing my punches, taking a guy down and beating him up. If I can do that, why would I stand up and leave it to chance?” Storley said. “That’s one thing that fans don’t understand. My last fight people were booing but on Monday morning they went back to their job and they didn’t realize if I would have stood up and got knocked out, I go home with half my paycheck. I got knocked out. I’m going to sit a while. I get knocked back. They just go on with their regular lives but that’s what people don’t understand.

“The consequences of doing something that maybe isn’t for you. Why would I stand and trade with a guy with heavy hands when I could just take him down and beat him up?”

The former Big 10 wrestling standout hopes that fans will get behind him as he continues to maul the competition in the welterweight division but he’s never going to stop giving himself the best chance to win every time he steps into the cage.

“To me, it’s about building your record, continuing to win and then good things will happen,” Storley said. “It’s about getting that win, whether it’s pretty or not. The biggest thing is going out there and getting the ‘W’.”

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