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Malignaggi: Conor McGregor just wants ‘yes-men’, can’t learn because he can’t take criticism

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Article Source – bloodyelbow.com

Paulie Malignaggi says Conor McGregor is arrogant to the point that he can’t learn and progress.

Paulie Malignaggi was recently asked about Conor McGregor’s fight camp, having just left the team on bad terms. When speaking about the UFC fighter’s chances, he once again brought up a similar statement to when he said there’s a “method to Conor’s madness,” but says there needs to be more progress.

“He can definitely fight. He’s a mixed martial arts champion. But as far as boxing is concerned — I’m not going to tell you he can’t box, I’m not going to say that. He understands what he wants to do and how he wants to do it, but he’s got to progress,” Malignaggi said on Fox 5’s Sports Xtra.

“There’s things he’s got to come along with, and it’s not so easy to come along that fast.”

That’s the caveat though. Apart from having just a couple of weeks left before he fights Floyd Mayweather, Malignaggi doesn’t think Conor can improve much anymore because of his mindset.

While he publicly praised Conor’s confidence in the past, he now has come out to say that his “arrogance” may be his downfall.

“My problem with Conor is his arrogance. His arrogance is to the point that he can’t make progress, he can’t learn,” he said. “He just wants a bunch of yes-men around him. He doesn’t want to be told he’s doing something wrong. He doesn’t want to be told that he needs to make progress or change certain things.

“Whatever he’s doing, he just wants to be told how great he’s doing.”

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