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Manager: UFC, Max Holloway owe Frankie Edgar the next title shot

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After racking up a 13-fight win streak since 2014 and successfully defending his title for a second time, Max Holloway is looking at a number of next options. A move up to 155 pounds has been been brought up, but there is no shortage of title challengers for the current featherweight champion.

One fight that is being lined up for Holloway is against Frankie Edgar. “The Answer” thinks it is a matchup that makes the most sense, and it is a sentiment that is shared by his manager Ali Abdelaziz.

“99.9 percent, Frankie gets that title shot. They owe him,” Abdelaziz told MMA Fighting. “The UFC owes him, Max owes him. Who’s a bigger name up there at 145 pounds right now who can fight outside of (Jose) Aldo, because Max fought Aldo already? Aldo is before Frankie because Aldo beat Frankie.

“But if you look, Chad Mendes, Frankie knocked him out, right? Moicano, Moicano lost to Ortega. Frankie lost to Ortega too, but Frankie has a higher ranking, Frankie is a former champ, and Frankie is a much bigger fight. You’d rather fight Frankie Edgar than Moicano, and Moicano has a fight. Who’s left? Frankie’s left.”

Abdelaziz also believes that Edgar’s approach will render a more positive result compared to what Brian Ortega previously showed.

“Max (Holloway) is a good champion, but Max hasn’t ever fought a wrestler like Frankie,” Abdelaziz said. “And Frankie, as tough as he is, when he fought (Brian) Ortega he got caught with an elbow, and fair and square, Ortega got the win — but I’m telling you, Frankie is the worst matchup for Max.

“I believe if Frankie takes Max down — and he will — Max will not get up, because he tried to play guard and [play on the ground against Ortega]. Frankie will probably try to put a hole through his head. That’s what Frankie will do to him. … Frankie is the right guy for that fight. This is the fight Max should be asking for right now.”

If he does not get a shot against Holloway, Edgar is looking at a fight against Conor McGregor, which he deems as the “next best thing.”

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