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Mark Henry says Conor McGregor can knockout Floyd Mayweather Jr. within four rounds

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It may have taken longer than anticipated, but people around mixed martial arts (MMA) are finally beginning to believe Conor McGregor’s unparalleled power. Mark Henry, head coach to Eddie Alvarez and Frankie Edger, is one of many who have slowly come over to the green side. After seeing Alvarez get smashed by McGregor at UFC 205, Henry has nothing but respect for the Irishman, recently stating that he believes “Notorious” can knockout Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a potential boxing superfight.

“It’s like I said, the swing that he has is unbelievable,” said Henry in a recent interview with Starsport.

“I think he would have the possibility of knocking out Mayweather. He’s way bigger than Mayweather, too.

“Boxers only cut about ten pounds, whereas Conor probably walks around at 173lbs. So he’s also a lot bigger than Mayweather, too.

“I even think he has a chance of knocking out Mayweather if it was in the first three to four rounds. After that, I’d definitely give the edge to Mayweather.”

Wow. That’s some high praise from one of the more respected coaches in MMA. While Henry isn’t a boxing tactician, he has nurtured some of his fighters into savages on the feet. Just look at how world-class and impenetrable Edgar’s footwork, head movement and combinations have become over the years.

Henry adds that McGregor’s defense isn’t where it needs to be to challenge someone of Mayweather’s caliber, but should be able to remedy that weakness with his power, speed, and precision. As much as people around the sport hate on McGregor, it’s safe to say that many will root for him in a matchup between MMA’s most prized possession and boxing’s undefeated king.

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