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Mark Holst Shifts from MMA Back to Muay Thai for Friday’s Lion Fight Main Event

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Former UFC lightweight Mark Holst is no stranger to going beyond MMA to find fights and gain experience.

Throughout his fighting career, Holst has participated in various combat sports, and after a bit of inactivity in MMA, will be returning to Muay Thai for the Lion Fight promotion.

“I’ve always been a striker at heart,” Holst told MMAWeekly.com. “I love to mix it up, doing MMA match and challenging myself there. I love doing both, it just depends on the opportunity, and the opportunity came to me for a Muay Thai fight with Lion Fight. I didn’t want to pass by this opportunity.

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“I’m a fighter, I step in the cage or the ring, I don’t really care, I just want to put on a really good show, get some experience and have fun in there.”

While stand-up is a big part of his MMA training, Holst notes there are differences in how he prepares for a Muay Thai fight.

“With MMA, I’m all over the place and have to split up my time between wrestling, the striking and Jiu-Jitsu,” he said. “With Muay Thai, I like it because you can really focus in on the striking. My strength and conditioning is different to prepare for the work rate and stuff like that.

“Definitely the judging in Muay Thai is very different than in MMA. Game planning to move forward a lot is very big in MMA and controlling the ring is a big deciding factor for the judges if it does go to a decision.”

Holst (19-3) will face possibly the toughest bout of his Muay Thai career when he takes on former MMA fighter ….View full article

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