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Mark Hunt’s leg not actually broken at UFC 209, but still a bloody mess

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Following UFC 209, Mark Hunt announced on social media that he’d broken his leg. It turns out he didn’t, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t still gruesome.

I guess it’s nice to know that there’s a silver lining to Mark Hunt’s UFC 209 performance: It didn’t got as absolutely horribly as first thought. With the duress of an ongoing lawsuit against the UFC for ‘racketeering’ related to Brock Lesnar’s USADA exemption from UFC 200 hanging over him, Mark Hunt stepped in to face Alistair Overeem at UFC 209. As he put it, he was “forced to be here” by the UFC and the terms of his contract.

And if he wasn’t happy leading up to the fight last Saturday, March 4th, things didn’t get much better once he actually stepped in the cage. Overeem dictated most of the action in the cage, peppering away with kicks from outside, and hard knees in the clinch. Then, early in the third round, he landed one knee too many, leaving Hunt out cold on the canvas.

IF that wasn’t enough, Hunt announced after the fight that the nasty gash he’d opened on his right shin – the result of a checked kick in round 1 – came with a broken tibia as well.

Thank u for all the support u probably already know I got knocked out the old warhorse is still alive jus a broken tibia I be back

A post shared by The Super Samoan (@markhuntfighter) on Mar 4, 2017 at 9:09pm PST

Fortunately that didn’t actually end up being the case. MMA Fighting reports that, sources close to Hunt’s camp are saying that while he’s definitely banged up, Hunt didn’t end up breaking his leg at UFC 209. Hopefully his $750,000 fight purse will provide a reasonable salve for the rest of the damage taken.

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