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Marlon Wayans tells a funny story about a street fight involving Nick Diaz

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Marlon Wayans tells a funny story of how he met Nick Diaz and once tried to warn a guy to not fight him in the street.

Marlon Wayans was seen talking to Nick Diaz in Los Angeles, when TMZ decided to ask the popular comedian what their conversation was about. This is when the actor shared a funny story of the time he saw the UFC star outside a nightclub.

“I said to him and his brother, I’ve seen him one time outside a club. Some dude was about to fight them,” he stated.

Wayans knew who the Diaz brothers were, and he tried to warn the guy that it was a bad idea to try and pick a fight with a decorated MMA fighter.

“I said ‘Uh, brah, you f—king with the wrong dude.’ He goes ‘F—k that, bro! You don’t know me. I’m gonna fuck (him up)!’ I said ‘Hey. Look at his ear.’

“He said ‘No! You don’t know!’

“Nick grabbed his ass. Pop! Pop! Pop! Three elbows. Pop! Pop! Two knees. Fight was over, blood everywhere.

“I just tapped the dude and said, ‘I told yo’ ass.’”

It’s never a good idea to pick a fight a guy with a cauliflower ear. It’s even worse if that person happens to be a talented UFC fighter who has faced and beaten some of the best fighters of our generation.

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