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Matt Brown: Tyron Woodley is a tomato-throwing bitch, I’d fight him in the street for free

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Color me reactionary, but my tingly spider sense tells me Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight slugger Matt Brown does not care for division No. 1 contender (and medieval tomato thrower) Tyron Woodley.

I dunno, just a hunch.

Brown, who suffered a setback in his quest for the 170-pound title by way of Demian Maia in Brazil, has been making the media rounds this week to elaborate on the recent altercation with his ex-coach, and the topic gravitated toward “The Chosen One.”

Transcribed by MMA Fighting:

“Woodley, he’s a bitch. I just don’t like him anyway. I’d fight him in the fucking street for free. You go all the way back, he turned down fights. I know he turned down Hector Lombard saying, ‘he’s a teammate’ and then Hector’s like, ‘we’re not teammates, fuck you, I’ll fight you.’ So that’s a clear bitch move. And then sitting out for a year and a half begging for a title shot, coming over a win over – what’s Gastelum? Probably fourteen or fifteen [in the rankings] – a very unimpressive win over a sick Gastelum. He had the flu, right. Missed weight by ten pounds. Then he’s always on Twitter just talking and he told me to keep my name out of his mouth when he’s the one talking to me. He’s just not the personality that I like. He’s not a warrior, he’s not a soldier. If we were on the battlefields in the 1200’s, in the Medieval, the Dark Ages, this motherfucker would be back hiding in the bushes while guys like me, I’d be on the fucking front lines with a sword in my hand. He’d be over in the fucking bushes throwing tomatoes and shit or something. So he’s not my kind of person.”

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