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Matt Mitrione Did Not Have an Awesome Monday!

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After Matt Mitrione lost to Travis Browne on Sunday night, the only thing that people questioned more than two controversial eye pokes by Browne was that thing growing out of Mitrione’s head!

Mitrione later revealed that the grotesque swelling of his right eye was caused by a broken orbital floor (aka a orbital blowout fracture — Ouch!).

You’d think that would have been the worst of it, but things didn’t get a whole lot better right away on Monday, as Mitrione had to get his eye lanced. Yes, lanced.

For those not in the know:
lance: V. to cut into or incise a part, such as an abscess for the purposes of drainage of pus or other fluid

And you thought your week got off to a rough start!

Getting my eyelid drained this morning. Was not awesome. pic.twitter.com/LYgrEKlmHc

— Matt Mitrione (@mattmitrione) January 19, 2016

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