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Matt Mitrione on the UFC: ‘They Steal from Your Left and Right Pockets’

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Matt Mitrione wasn’t happy with the UFC when he booked it for Bellator, and his latest comments on the matter might show why.

“Meathead,” along with other notable fighters Benson Henderson, Phil Davis and Josh Thomson, talked to Bleacher Report’s Mike Chiapetta about their moves from the UFC’s Octagon to the Bellator cage. All of them talked about how the “grass is greener,” as suggested by Mike’s headline. Mitrione, while discussing the UFC’s apparel deal with Reebok, REALLY let it be known that he felt a bit taken advantage of while under the contracted employment of Zuffa. He even used his man-parts for reference.

To the quoteage!

“They steal from your left and your right pockets and you’re stuck there. Not to be incredibly crass—but you’re stuck there with your d–k in your hand. I was doing what was expected from me, and they okey-doked me. They pulled the chair out from underneath me.”

Damn, son.

This isn’t the first time ex-UFC fighters have gone on to air their grievances, and it most certainly won’t be the last. Free agency is starting to pick up in the sport, and Mitrione is only the latest of UFC departures for Scott Coker’s land of tentpoles and circus fights.

Things are going to continue to get interesting for the foreseeable future.

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