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Max Holloway is cool with Conor McGregor jumping weight classes — on one condition

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PHOENIX — Unlike most of his featherweight cohorts, Max Holloway isn’t going to complain about the weight-jumping exploits of Conor McGregor.

While he isn’t the biggest fan of McGregor’s welterweight rematch against Nate Diaz at UFC 200, Holloway isn’t going to take up arms against it either. That’s because, after seeing McGregor be allowed to roam free among the upper divisions, Holloway expects to receive the same treatment once he is crowned UFC featherweight champion.

“It is what it is,” Holloway told MMA Fighting. “He’s the money man right now, so whatever the UFC wants to do, it is what is. It’s his life, let him do whatever he wants to do. Just, when I get into that position, if I ask for a fight at 170, I want a fight at 170. If I want to fight for a 155-pound title — if I hold the 145-pound title — give me the fight. So I ain’t complaining, because when I get into those positions, I don’t want anybody complaining about me. I’ll do what I like, it’s my own life.”

Holloway is serious when he says that, and he doesn’t necessarily feel obligated to wait either.

Despite his division-best eight-fight win streak, Holloway is the odd man out of the McGregor/Frankie Edgar/Jose Aldo trinity that is currently booked for July 9 at UFC 200. With the three biggest opponents for Holloway now busy, few match-ups at featherweight would really do much to push Holloway’s stock higher than it already is. So if a stop at lightweight is what it takes to get a big fight booked, Holloway is more than willing to make the trip.

“I’m playing the (UFC) video game and I’m only in the 145-pound division. I’m like, this is kind of horsesh*t, you know?” Holloway said. ….View full article

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