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Max Holloway says Conor McGregor ‘crossed the line’ with Brooklyn bus attack

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Max Holloway doesn’t condone the actions of Conor McGregor and his entourage causing chaos at the Barclays Center two weeks ago.

Like many witnesses, Holloway didn’t realize that “The Notorious” was involved until he watched footage of the incident when he got back to the fighters’ hotel.

“We were on the other bus. I didn’t even know it was Conor,” Holloway told Ariel Helwani on a recent episode of The MMA Hour.

“People were yelling, ‘It’s Conor! It’s Conor!’ And I was like, ‘I don’t see him,’” Holloway said. “When we saw the video, the guy who was running around and stuff was Conor. I was watching him do the crazy stuff. I was like ‘Oh man, that’s pretty nuts.’”

“Blessed” believes that the UFC handled the situation well, but insisted that he didn’t approve of the “wild events” that transpired.

“It was crazy and I don’t condone that kind of behavior; I don’t approve of it. People are gonna do what people are gonna do,” Holloway said.

“It’s hard to speak on. I was watching the show earlier before I came on. I think you said it right when you said that Dana and them handled it pretty good. Sh*t happens. I don’t got much to say on that — that was just some wild events. Imagine if they did show up to the media event, I think it would have been even more wild.”

Although the featherweight champion criticized McGregor, he believes the Irishman did not intend to do damage to the bus based on his reaction to the dolly smashing through the window of the vehicle.

“How many times can you let the guy get away with something?” asked Holloway of McGregor.

“I don’t think he really meant to break the bus with the dolly. I think that he was shocked that he broke it because when I was watching he actually picked up a metal trashcan and he put it down, and he grabbed a plastic trashcan and he threw that instead, that was after he threw the dolly. He was running with the barricade — he knows he was going to get stopped with the barricade.

“I think he crossed the line, but that’s not on me. It doesn’t affect me personally. I feel bad for all of the other fighters like (Michael) Chiesa and Ray Borg, they missed some fights because of it. It’s crazy, man. It’s nuts.”

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