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Mayweather vs McGregor Video: Holohan explains why boxing rules favor the UFC champ

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Paddy Holohan says they’re ‘taking away a lot of the danger’ from MMA, making things a lot easier for Conor McGregor to land his power shots.

With the cross-over match against Floyd Mayweather Jr., a lot of people have been discussing how Conor McGregor might struggle with the intricate details as he switched from MMA to boxing rules. Renowned coaches like Firas Zahabi have pointed out that Conor might struggle with the inside boxing range, but UFC veteran Paddy Holohan sees it differently.

According to his SBG teammate, McGregor will flourish in the boxing realm because he now doesn’t have to worry about as many techniques as he would in mixed martial arts.

“Literally, there’s a lot of danger taken away,” Holohan said.

He says that instead of having to deal with a plethora of techniques such as elbows, knees, kicks and takedowns on every situation, boxing will allow him more freedom and space to land the big bombs he is known for.

“His senses are defending all of these stuff,” he said as he demonstrates how many varied attacks an MMA fighter deals with even in one specific situation. “There’s so much danger here, and to be comfortable in that type of danger? Not only that, but win two world titles at that level. Then take all of that danger away, then put it straight to just (boxing) — this is what we’re looking at now.

“We’re taking away a lot of the high energy stuff — the risk of being taken down, the risk of scrambling. It’s all stand up and it’s perfect for a guy like Conor because he has dynamite in his hands.”

Holohan also says that McGregor will get a lot of “extra rest” in boxing, by having shorter rounds, more rest periods, and less explosive moves from kicking and grappling.

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