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Merry Christmas 2016 from MMAmania.com! Open thread, discussion

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The cast and crew at MMAmania.com, for the most part, will not be around much today because we are going to take a quick break and try to feel human for once … even if it’s just for a few hours. And, we hope that you all do the same for the Christmas holiday.

However, in this open thread, feel free to share breaking news, videos, pics, funny stories — whatever (within tasteful reason) — in the comments section below throughout the day. It’s been a crazy 2016 in mixed martial arts (MMA), so there is no shortage of memories to choose from as we get ready to close out the year. We’ll keep this thread pinned in the cover so that it can be your forum for discussion if you plan to spend the day with the MMAmania.com community.

Meantime, we want to wish our readers and fellow combat sports fans a very happy Christmas day!

Ready, set … GO!

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