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Michael Bisping addresses potential title challengers, calls Anderson Silva a ‘dirty little cockroach’

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After defeating Luke Rockhold at UFC 199 to capture the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight title, Michael Bisping has willingly put himself in front of oncoming traffic in order to stir the mixed martial arts (MMA) pot.

From calling out Dan Henderson to verbally attacking Georges St-Pierre, Bisping has enjoyed his time as champion and the guy everyone wants a piece of. He even went after Conor McGregor.

In effort to shed light on all of the potential title challengers that Bisping has had to deal with, the Brit recently took to the Internet to discuss every name on his list with a self-written blog entry on champions.co (h/t Bloody Elbow).

“Of course the usual suspects are there,” wrote Bisping. “The most obvious ones are already lining up; Rockhold wants a rematch, Chris Weidman won’t stop going on. Weidman has actually started yapping a lot. I sort of feel sorry for the guy. He’s really started to become pretty embarrassing. He’s constantly going on about how I should fight him, or how I’m scared of him, or that I’m ducking him, which is the absolute stupidest thing ever.”

“Here’s my message to you, Chris Weidman: Get a grip, buddy. Go out there and win a fight. Fight Rockhold, and if you can beat him, then great, we can talk. If not, well, you’re unlucky, and should get back to the drawing board.”

Bisping also felt obligated to address former UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva, who he recently defeated via five-round unanimous decision back at UFC Fight Night 84.

“Now, Anderson Silva has come out of the woodwork, like a dirty little cockroach.,” added Bisping. “He came out and was saying that I should fight him again and this ….View full article

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