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Michael Bisping calls UFC 204 a ‘clear victory,’ says it’s hard for hardcore fans to be ‘objective’

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The scoring of UFC 204’s rematch between Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson has generated its fair share of discussion among the MMA community since the fight went down in Manchester, England earlier this month.

Bisping defeated Henderson via unanimous decision to retain his UFC middleweight title in the bout, sweeping all three judges’ scorecards with a pair of 48-47s and one 49-46, and in the process avenging his memorable UFC 100 loss to Henderson.

Still, the subjective nature of MMA judging has led many within the fight game to question that result, including Henderson himself, who said he believed he won the contest after dropping Bisping twice and inflicting heavy damage in the opening two rounds.

Not surprisingly, Bisping sees things differently, and on Monday, the reigning UFC middleweight champion laid out the methodology to his own 49-46 scorecard.

“The first round, I was in control,” Bisping explained on The MMA Hour. “And then, of course, he landed that good shot and got some great ground and pound, so that round was a 10-9 for ‘Hendo.’ Anyone that says a 10-8 are absolutely ridiculous, because for a 10-8 you’ve got to beat the guy from pillar to post, for the entire five minutes. And he had a good 45 seconds in that round.

“Round two, I dominated, I picked him apart. He dropped me with a right hand but then that was it. I wasn’t hurt and he didn’t get any ground-and-pound off, so I’d say I still won that round. It was a 10-9. (Rounds) three, four, and five, they were all 10-9s for me as well. So really, there is no controversy. One judge scored it 49-46. I believe that judge was an American as well, so for anybody talking about ‘hometown fighter,’ they are ridiculous. The ….View full article

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