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Michael Bisping Defeated Anderson Silva in a Bizarre, Back-and-Forth UFN 84 Main Event

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(We promise, this photo is only misleading if you haven’t seen the fight yet. Or if you happen to be Anderson Silva. via Getty.)

It’s crazy to think that a showdown between two of the UFC’s longest-standing and most well known middleweights went almost completely uncovered in the wake of UFC 196′s main event switcheroo, but that’s exactly what happened with Fight Night 84. The power of Mystic Mac truly knows no bounds.

Fortunately for those of us who turned in, Anderson Silva vs. Michael Bisping turned out to be one of the more bizarre main eventers in promotional history — right up there with “Silva vs. Diaz” or “Silva vs. Leites” or… well, you get the point. It was a fight that showed both Bisping’s unexpected, late-career resurgence, a former champion’s steady decline, and depending on who you ask, the continued incompetence of MMA judges and the scoring system in general, so head below for all the details and highlights.

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— UFC (@ufc) February 27, 2016

Where to begin with this fight. I know, how about the fact that for the first two and a half rounds, Anderson Silva seemed more content to do the hand jive than throw any strikes of significance?

It would be an obvious observation to say that Silva’s bizarre performance showed shades of his fights with Leites and Demian Maia, but on a more fundamental level, his strategy was also eerily reminiscent of Strikeforce-era Fedor Emelianenko. Rather than relying on smooth, multi-punch combinations to set up the fight-ending shot like he had in his time as champion, Silva opted to headhunt, becoming so over-reliant on his power (not to mention, completely ….View full article

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