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Michael Bisping fires back at ‘laughingstock’ Luke Rockhold: ‘He needs to be taught a lesson’

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A week after Luke Rockhold appeared on The MMA Hour to issue a challenge for rival Michael Bisping to put his money where his mouth is, Bisping did just the same, firing back on Tuesday’s show at the obsessed former Strikeforce champ and his pathetic attempts to goad him into a fight, the most notable of which took place in the early hours of a Macau hotel following Bisping’s recent fourth-round TKO victory over Cung Le. [My dad and I] were both nursing a bit of a hangover because we had a couple of drinks the night before, and we’re just having a coffee and catching up, Bisping recalled of the encounter.


Obviously I live in America and he lives in England, so now that all the excitement of the fight and all that stuff was over, we’re just having a conversation catching up on old times. And, lo and behold, there [Rockhold] comes walking over, looking a little bleary-eyed himself. He was probably still feeling the effects for sure, because I’m sure in the cold light of day he wouldn’t come up and start challenging somebody to a fight outside of the Octagon whilst out with family members.


I certainly wouldn’t do that, and I’d like to think he wouldn’t. So he comes over: ‘Hey Bisping, one round. Come on, I’ll finish you in one round and I want your purse.’ He started going on about that stupid bet that he does, and I just said, ‘Look at the state of ya. Go home, sober up, and stop making a fool out of yourself.’ Maybe if I was younger, continued Bisping, There might have been a situation when we were having the coffee. But in this occasion, I’d done all my fighting the night before, and I’m a professional, so I just ignored him.


I laughed at him, I took the higher ground. But make no mistake, I do want to fight that guy, for sure. He needs to be taught a lesson. He needs to be put in his place. The ‘stupid bet,’ as Bisping put it, appears relatively extraneous now that the UFC is eyeing Machida as a next dance partner for Rockhold. Still, it was a unique (if not remarkably patronizing) challenge that Rockhold issued the Brit: If he could knock Bisping out in the first round, the two would switch purses. 

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