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Michael Bisping: I never bought into Jose Aldo’s second title stint

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Michael Bisping questions the legitimacy of Jose Aldo’s second run as undisputed featherweight champion.

After six consecutive years as the world featherweight champion, Jose Aldo lost it all in 13 seconds at UFC 194 in 2015, when he was knocked out by Conor McGregor. But due to McGregor’s inability to defend the title, the UFC decided to strip him of the belt and bring Aldo back up as the undisputed 145-pound title.

Aldo is still widely regarded by many as the one of the greatest featherweight fighters of all-time, but his second stint as a champion was also put into question. One of those who held doubts is current middleweight champion Michael Bisping.

“I think it’s fantastic that Max Holloway won and I think he had to win to put life back into the 145 [pound] division,” Bisping said on the recent episode of his Believe You Me podcast (via MMA Fighting). “Because honestly, Jose Aldo is a great fighter, Jose Aldo had an amazing career, Jose Aldo this, Jose Aldo that, all this f–king good stuff is so positive – I was not for one second buying Jose Aldo as the featherweight champion.”

“I’m sorry but he got knocked the eff out in 13 seconds and then in his next fight he fights Frankie Edgar and all of the sudden he’s the champion again. So for me, I never bought into that.”

With that said, Bisping believes Max Holloway’s win over Aldo on Saturday night at UFC 212 has now given the division a more rightful champion.

“Now, fortunately, Max Holloway went out there and destroyed him. Great fight, very, very entertaining fight. Well done,” Bisping said. “So now we have, I think it’s fair to say, a legitimate champion that nobody can disparage or take away from because yes, he got beat by Conor but that was three or four years ago now and Max is a different fighter today. So 145 has a solidified, definite, undisputed featherweight champion of the world, which I think is great for the division.”

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