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Michael Bisping on Colby Covington: ‘Good luck going to President Trump with empty hands’

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Colby Covington is controversial. This is a surprise to approximately no one reading this. And Michael Bisping knows a thing or two about being divisive as well. So when they started to argue and disrespect each other on air following Covington’s UFC interim welterweight title win over Rafael dos Anjos last month, it was partly about entertainment – but it quickly got personal.

Now that current full champion Tyron Woodley is going to face Darren Till and not Covington next though, Bisping was asked by Mike Bohn of MMA Junkie about it. And you can probably guess that Bisping laid the verbal smack down on Mr. Covington while explaining why interim titles mean nothing:

“I always say that interim belts aren’t worth the leather that they’re printed on, and this highlights it. That’s not disrespecting the UFC, definitely running a good business, they’re gonna do what they’re gonna do.

“That’s why I threw my belt on the floor against Robert Whittaker. That’s why I told Colby Covington to take a long walk off a short pier when he talked sh-t on that thing. Everyone was like, ‘Oh, he just won the belt, how can you talk shit?’ I said, ‘No, he didn’t just win the belt!’ Is he the champion right now? No!

“Colby Covington, good luck going to President Trump with empty hands. At least I’m holding a beer, what are you holding, dumb f—k?”

I’m sure Covington will have a response at some point, but for now – advantage Bisping.

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