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Michael Bisping: Seeing Daniel Cormier cry is the ‘ultimate f—king revenge’ for Jon Jones

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Michael Bisping does not have too much sympathy for Daniel Cormier’s display of emotions after UFC 214.

During the build-up of their rematch at UFC 214, Jon Jones repeatedly promised to make Daniel Cormier cry, like how the latter did during their first fight in 2015. “Bones” did live up to his word when he knocked “DC” out with a head kick in the third round of their fight on Saturday night.

For his part, Jones did not gloat after his win, and instead gave props to Cormier and his team. UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping, on the other hand, was not too sympathetic and says Cormier’s display of emotions must be a form of payback for Jones.

“Cormier shouldn’t have done that. I thought it was bad because – listen, I’ve never cried when I’ve lost a fight, that’s not what I’m saying though,” Bisping said the recent episode of his “Believe You Me” podcast (via MMA Fighting). “What I’m saying is because how much they dislike one another, and for as classy as Jon Jones could be inside the octagon, don’t tell me that that wasn’t the ultimate f–king revenge for Jon Jones to see D.C. crying. So what I mean is that the way he should have handled that better is to save that for the private moments.”

“But he’d just been scrambled. Obviously, he wasn’t thinking straight,” he continued. “He was highly emotional, he’d just been knocked out. You don’t know where you are when you’ve been knocked out, I’ll tell you that right now.”

“Even though you’re back on you’re talking to Joe Rogan, you still don’t know what the f—k is going on. And by the way, that was a bad knockout.”

Despite the loss, Cormier took home a disclosed amount of $1 million after UFC 214. Bisping adds that this, along with his other monetary accomplishments as the light heavyweight champion should not warrant Cormier any pity.

“In that period of fighting for the title and being the champion, he’s made millions and millions of dollars,” Bisping said. “I would guess six to seven million dollars in a couple of years, maybe more. Maybe close to 10 million dollars, who knows?”

“I was feeling sorry for him but then I said, hold on a minute. At the end of the day, we do this for money. He’s earned a sh-t-ton of money, he’s been the champion, and he’s lost and he’s a grown ass man and he’ll deal with it. There’s no need to sit here feeling sorry for him and he probably doesn’t want that anyway.”

Bisping will likely make a ton of money for himself as well since he is expecting for his fight against Georges St-Pierre to happen in November at UFC 217 in New York City.

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