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Michael Bisping’s all-time fantasy fight would be against a prime Shogun Rua under PRIDE FC rules

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At the moment, Michael Bisping has all the chips in his pile and can pretty much call his own shot and pick any fights he wants.

And the recently-crowned Middleweight champion has plenty to choose from, as everyone from Dan Henderson, Chris Weidman, Luke Rockhold and Ronaldo Souza are gunning for “The Count.”

While he hasn’t officially decided whom he’ll defend his title against, yet, Bisping recently played fantasy matchmaker when he was asked on “UFC Tonight” who his dream fight would be. And not just present day, he was allowed to pick any fighter in the history of the sport.

The brash Brit reveals his choice and why:

“I would have to say ‘Shogun’ in his prime, I was a big fan of ‘Shogun’ when he was the Pride Grand Prix champion. I always wanted to fight him out of respect. Soccer kicks, head butts are allowed, of course. Stomps to the groin.”

Don’t be surprised if you hear that Rua has decided to drop down to 185 pounds to make Bisping’s dream fight come true in the near future. Of course, Mauricio’s prime days are long behind him.

Nevertheless, while the bout never came to fruition back during the good old days of PRIDE FC, another big fantasy fight could see the light of day for Bisping, as a championship bout against former Welterweight king Georges St-Pierre seems to be gaining momentum.

Anyone care to dissect how a bout between a prime “Shogun” taking on Bisping under PRIDE rules would unfold?

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