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Midnight Mania! Bellator books Michael Page vs. Paul Daley

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Welcome to Midnight Mania! Tonight we preview UFC Fight Night 104 a bit, see some of the .GIFs from Lion Fight tonight, look forward to the newly announced Paul Daley vs. Michael Page in May, and enjoy our fill of knockouts, submissions, and more, because the weekend is here.


Some breaking news for you: Michael “Venom” Page will fight Paul “Semtex” Daley. Finally, Page gets a high level challenge, and it’s against one of the most powerful strikers at welterweight. What a matchup.

⚡️BREAKING – Michael Page vs Paul Daley targeted for Bellator London card in May at the @ssearena

via @FloCombat pic.twitter.com/rpACRf5O6n

— Jim Edwards (@MMA_Jim) February 4, 2017

Who will be going to sleep there? I predict a battle of the flying knees:

Watch what’s been dubbed the “Queen’s Knee” from #PaulDaley in this front runner to Knockout of the Year!! #BellatorNation

A video posted by Bellator MMA (@bellatormma) on Jan 25, 2017 at 9:45am PST

@michaelvenompage vs Cyborg Santos #mma #bellator #ufc #michaelpage #venom #ko #knockout #boxing #kickboxing #karate #taekwondo #muaythai #martialarts #pokemon #alpha #savage #crackedskull

A video posted by @fightcentral_mma on Feb 2, 2017 at 3:19pm PST

… or possibly a boring decision. Who knows.

Don’t sleep on UFC Fight Night 104. It all goes down tomorrow night (catch our live coverage here), and despite lacking in name value it features nothing but action matchups. The main event in particular has the potential to be Fight of the Year- both Dennis Bermudez and “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung have been in several legendary scraps- Bermudez vs. Grice, Bermudez vs. Stephens, Bermudez vs. Brandao, Jung vs. Poirier, and Jung vs. Garcia 1 and 2 were all ridiculously entertaining fights.

BERMUDEZ vs JUNG!!! Tomorrow night on @FS1! pic.twitter.com/tY2OcziY3w

— Dana White (@danawhite) February 3, 2017

“The Korean Zombie” is capable of finding very creative ways to bid you good night:

#UFCHOUSTON pic.twitter.com/jxnyfc6x6F

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) February 4, 2017

This isn’t even one of the fights I mentioned, and it still rocks:

The first Garcia-Jung fight had more action, but this one was completely unique: it’s the one where “Korean Zombie” hit the legendary twister submission, still the only one of its kind in UFC history.

The Co-Main event, the War of the Photogenic, also has a high Violence Potential Quotient (VPQ). If you don’t know about Alexa Grasso yet, then get to know her. She’s widely considered the best new prospect in the women’s strawweight division. At 23 years old, with her talent and good looks, she has all the potential to become a star in her native Mexico as well. Felice Herrig, on the other hand, was Paige VanZant before Paige VanZant, and although she doesn’t go out of her way as much to market herself based on her looks these days, she remains an exciting fighter and a good test for young Grasso.

GRASSO vs HERRIG!!! Tomorrow night on @FS1! pic.twitter.com/ZKBFGxjh33

— Dana White (@danawhite) February 3, 2017

Looks like all that Twitch.com gametime is paying off for the only UFC flyweight champion in history. Mighty Mouse landed himself a sponsorship role in For Honor, a game involving fighting… but with sword and steel rather than fists and chokes. Either way, looks like Johnson is a handful.

The #P4P King, @MightyMouseUFC is a Knight in #ForHonor! What’s your @ForHonorGame fighting style? https://t.co/HKlH6jVaap pic.twitter.com/fltkDLzhdx

— #UFCHouston (@ufc) February 4, 2017

Another fighter who is a big gamer is Invicta FC champion Angela “Overkill” Hill. She brings her nerdiness to the weigh ins with cosplay-level outfits. Even with the Reebok ban in place, she still managed to pull off a convincing Street Fighter impression here.

Angela Hill’s full Street Fighter routine at #UFCHouston weigh-ins @AngieOverkill pic.twitter.com/Hm52Pmf0QA

— Mike Dyce (@mikedyce) February 3, 2017

This will be a fun one. Hill has absorbed some of Dominick Cruz’s style since moving to Alliance MMA, but will she be able to keep Jessica Andrade from swarming?

ANDRADE vs HILL!!! Tomorrow night on @FS1! pic.twitter.com/ifBdv110eN

— Dana White (@danawhite) February 3, 2017

Not the first time Hill has dressed up as a Street Fighter character:

 Esther Lin for Invicta FC
Angela Hill as Dhalsim

Justin Golightly brought this up in the replies, which I had never seen before:

@LynchOnSports @MMAdamMartin KenFlo & Camarillo playing Street Fighter < Nick Diaz & Melendez playing Street Fighter https://t.co/TBnhOLMe3q

— Justin Golightly (@SecretMovesMMA) February 4, 2017

And, speaking of Alliance MMA fighters, Jeremy Stephens is looking slick on the pads… but what, exactly, is that head bobbing at the beginning??

Slips, Rips and KO Clips

Lion Fight 34 went down tonight and it had some explosive moments.

Now that’s the way to finish the night at #LionFight34! #AndStill the champ, Regian Eersel! We’ll see you next week for #LFA3! @LionFight pic.twitter.com/Rpt1ZoJLSh

— AXS TV Fights (@AXSTVFights) February 4, 2017

I love spinning elbows. This had a similar setup to that “Korean Zombie” backfist:

Kronphet drops Burmester with a spinning elbow to the jaw #LionFight34 pic.twitter.com/u1d98bgG2m

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) February 4, 2017

Anthony Njokuani TKO’s Chris Harrington #LionFight34 pic.twitter.com/7cw5ok3O7s

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) February 4, 2017

No question where this kick landed:

Fighter’s cup falls out during the fight. #LionFight34 pic.twitter.com/ewgHMANuAd

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) February 4, 2017

Counter kicking isn’t something you see often in MMA, but here’s what it looks like at an elite level:

Regian Eersel main events Lion Fight tonight on AXS – here’s what he did against Jo Nattawut in the Lion Fight ring last May @CombatDocket pic.twitter.com/tWFqpr9Q2x

— DC Howard (@DCHoward_MMA) February 4, 2017

Here’s another look:

#LionFight34 pic.twitter.com/xwac90rIHN

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) February 4, 2017

Regional MMA from this morning:

Good morning from Supa Fight Leeeague pic.twitter.com/0Iz3PbgWsn

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) February 3, 2017

This is scary

SFL – The lethal illegal knees. Mohd Bilal /Bengaluru Tigers/ won by discq.(vs. Amit Goswami /Gujarat Warriors/. Hope he is alive pic.twitter.com/DYtmK9UBKL

— Jolassanda (@Jolassanda) February 3, 2017


Sergio Quinones vs. Castle Williams #TPF30 Ref’s trying to kill people out there pic.twitter.com/SnVrInjhQS

— Zombie Prophet (@ZPGIFs) February 3, 2017

Reffing is a difficult job but a bad ref can make this sport a lot scarier.

Or funnier:

Great moments in MMA reffing pic.twitter.com/IsdNPzGLue

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) February 3, 2017

Sweet cream and sugar, this is a nice slip and counter:

Alex Perez vs. Andrew Natividad #TPF30 pic.twitter.com/PX4FQwQStP

— Zombie Prophet (@ZPGIFs) February 3, 2017

I swear half these articles come from Grabaka Hitman’s timeline, but is this a man or a unibrowed wolf?

This shit is out of control pic.twitter.com/iXUIb9KbUu

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) February 3, 2017

Savate has always been a fascinating sport

Richard Sylla’s last fight in savate. Savate’s GOAT. https://t.co/ElyrVo65xy

— Lucas Bourdon (@lucas_bourdon) February 4, 2017

This list is an excellent example of why martial arts often fail on the street- most of the time fights in the real world- not counting “street fights” that have informal rules and are fought for status- just come down to who lands the first punch. Your belt rank doesn’t usually matter much if you eat that first shot flush.

Little compilation pic.twitter.com/PEuVUzyhqO

— Thirty Sec Fights (@ThirtySecFights) February 4, 2017

What an evocative picture. Great photo art by Ryan Loco.

Greet Death and pray He puts up a good fight. || @akrosstheworld pic.twitter.com/kEDadacFIR

— BAD HOMBRE (@RyanLoco) February 4, 2017

Sage Northcutt is at it again- this time with Max Holloway. He enjoys punching this mascot a little too much IMO.

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This makes me so uncomfortable

This guy has a death wish!

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He must have balance

Flawless. Watch @MagsGotSwag12 nail a perfect 10.0 on beam!! #CommitTo3 #SwaggieMaggie pic.twitter.com/l44CXLoQ7L

— Oklahoma Women’s Gym (@OU_WGymnastics) February 4, 2017

this good:

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