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Midnight Mania! Jeff Mayweather says the UFC want 80% of McGregor’s purse

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Welcome to Midnight Mania! I’m pretty sick of writing about it by this point, but today we’ve got Jeff Mayweather saying the UFC want 80% of McGregor’s purse, fallout from Gastelum’s marijuana test failure, a UFC flyweight’s connection to a regime that is rounding up gay people to kill them, Cage Warriors highlights from last weekend, podcasts, news roundup and more.


So, yesterday we discussed Dana White saying he felt he had to make the McGregor-Mayweather fight out of a sense of obligation for McGregor. Right. It has nothing to do with taking 80% of the fight purse. Now, that’s a bit more than the 50% figure Freddie Roach mentioned. It is a little closer to the figure that the UFC usually takes in terms of profit share. It also brings to mind the time Dana said that if McGregor were to try to promote the fight without them, he would be in for a fall. Nevertheless, as Floyd’s uncle Jeff says, that split is “horrendous”.

Transcription via BloodyElbow.com:

“80-20 percent,” Mayweather said. “(Conor) would have to take 20 percent, if he’s allowed to fight. And the one thing is that Dana’s his boss. He’ll still make more money than he ever did, but at the same time, that’s very tough pill to swallow.

“If somebody tells you ‘I’m gonna take 80 percent of your money, and you’re the one that’s fighting for it, that’s still a tough pill to swallow. Even if you made more money than you ever did. But, it is what it is.”

However, the elder Mayweather did say that this is the only real obstacle in the way of the bout.

“That (purse split) is the major issue,” Mayweather said. “And if he (McGregor) signed the contract, fight will be made.”

“Floyd has no problem signing the contract. It’s up to Conor.”

That’s good, because McGregor is already training for a boxing match at 147 pounds.

Bobs and Weaves

You’ll know it when you spot it.

You had one job… #UFC210 #WhenYouSeeIt pic.twitter.com/kVddjiusLH

— Amy Kaplan (@PhotoAmy33) April 5, 2017

Kelvin Gastelum was suspended and pulled from his fight with Anderson Silva for marijuana in his urine. Suspending fighters for marijuana use is as outdated a practice as the outlawing of cannabis in general. However, even so, Gastelum ought to have some options available to him. Iain Kidd explains:

I hope @KelvinGastelum takes this to arbitration/CAS, urine levels of marijuana have NO correlation to plasma levels. Doesn’t prove IC use.

— Iain Kidd (@iainkidd) April 6, 2017

Of course, it’s hard to feel sympathy for a Kelvin Gastelum that seems to be trying his hardest to derail his promising career. Despite undeniable talent, he has missed weight so many times he has been forced to middleweight, and now he fails a drug test for marijuana that costs him his highest profile bout yet.

Is this what’s next? It is possible Gastelum’s failed test may be the best possible thing for an aging Anderson Silva, especially if Gastelum came in with the kind of form he showed against Vitor Belfort.

Anderson’s drostanolone and Nick’s cannabis induced superhuman pain threshold make the first fight a wash. It’s time. pic.twitter.com/UOo16c6mgs

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) April 7, 2017

This newspaper is highlighting the newest UFC flyweight, Magomed Bibulatov, and his connection to the evil Chechnyan leader, who is rounding up gay people to kill them. Karim Zidan wrote at length about it here.

Front page of The Buffalo News sports section this AM: pic.twitter.com/D5kCgq6mOX

— Ariel Helwani (@arielhelwani) April 6, 2017

Jouban and his kid look like they are having quality father-son time

#cageyfresh shadowed me today and we had fun. But man he’s got a confidence since Louisiana that makes him a handful! #mustbethe4wheelers

A post shared by Alan Jouban (@alanjouban) on Apr 6, 2017 at 8:17pm PDT

Jessica Eye’s tweets are usually notable for the complete disregard for grammar and spelling, which makes them great. This one isn’t so bad…

Of course the night I am wide awake I have to up at 3:30 am looks liked it’s gonna be more like a nap .. #peteandpete

— Jessica Eye (@jessicaevileye) April 7, 2017

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

Anthony Johnson may be the most powerful striker in the UFC, and certainly the most powerful below the light heavyweight limit.

Anthony Johnson is goddamn terrifying. pic.twitter.com/q2VGyqc464

— Patrick Wyman (@Patrick_Wyman) April 6, 2017

This is random, but I would love to see Johnson fight Yoel Romero… just for kicks.

Cage Warriors has been a quality regional product for some time now. Enjoy their highlights from last weekend:

The guillotine @Lee_the_butcher #CW82 pic.twitter.com/vb32rqNnaP

— Cage Warriors (@CageWarriors) April 6, 2017

There were 3 finishes on the #CW82 main card

Which was your favourite, @FrantzSlioa, @Lee_the_butcher or @TheProspectMMA?! pic.twitter.com/XbomvpcNHZ

— Cage Warriors (@CageWarriors) April 5, 2017

That knee

Shawn Kenny picked up a massive TKO win at #CW82 https://t.co/Kd5m8CJ5tx

— Cage Warriors (@CageWarriors) April 3, 2017

Catch the #CW82 replay anytime on #UFCFIGHTPASS: https://t.co/amVCl8tczP pic.twitter.com/a3u1sPYx6u

— UFC Fight Pass (@UFCFightPass) April 1, 2017

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