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Midnight Mania! Joe Rogan: McGregor would be a “god damn folk hero” for head-kicking Mayweather

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

As soon as this nonsense, ridiculous, sport-crossing spectacle that is McGregor-Mayweather was officially booked, we entered the territory we had been flirting with for a while, a place where anyone and everyone is just saying whatever.

When you go ‘EXTRA’ on a rework @FloydMayweather x @TheNotoriousMMA #moneymatch @Rolex pic.twitter.com/7NMOrF0dIY

— BossLogic (@Bosslogic) June 20, 2017

Apparently, that includes UFC color commentator Joe Rogan, who speculated what would happen if Conor McGregor became wildly irrational and just decided to kick Floyd in the head. Transcript via MMAFighting.com:

“[If McGregor kicked Mayweather], that would be f**ked up. There’s probably some stipulations in the contract that say, ‘you can’t get him in an armbar or choke him.’

“[But] could you imagine? He would be a god damn folk hero. If they got in close and Floyd was shucking and juking on the outside and he threw a jab to cover up a left high kick and that left high kick necks him? Just clang! And you see Floyd go limp – and he would go limp. He’s never been high kicked like that. Jesus, that would be crazy.”

Yeah, it would be crazy. Sure, this whole fight is insane. We are some alternate timeline where history has been bent by the power of McGregor to entertain us. There is a method to this madness, though, and the method involves making as much money as possible for all the parties involved. Heck, even Ice Cube is getting in on the money. And, as Dana specifically stated, any departure from the strict Queensbury rules of the bout will result in a huge financial penalty to McGregor. There would also be long-term consequences, too, if McGregor- or anyone else- ever wanted to enter the boxing ring again.

“Would it be worth it? It would but it would f**k everything up because no one would ever trust another fighter from MMA to ever fight a boxer in a boxing match again.

Now, it is tempting to speculate who would have the edge under a different ruleset. By far the most likely outcome from this fight is that McGregor is absolutely embarrassed in the ring, and that knowledge is bound to give boxing fans a sense of superiority. Under any other ruleset, though, McGregor would be the decided favorite. Even without takedowns, the addition of kicks would change the abacus here. However, this ‘fight’ will not truly be a fight. It will be a boxing match, one that favors Mayweather in a way even the odds don’t fully reflect.

And no amount of reaction training will close that gap.

Conor McGregor getting in some reaction training with movement coach Ido Portal in preparation for Mayweather. https://t.co/BIeUhwoRnW pic.twitter.com/ScxYY7261X

— Chamatkar Sandhu (@SandhuMMA) June 21, 2017


This cracked me up

Shots fired pic.twitter.com/XDHxAQKNAh

— Zombie Prophet (@ZPGIFs) June 22, 2017

Goldie made a Goldie joke

Hey @GoldieOnTV can you still say “just like that” and “its all over”? I know you cant say “inside the octagon” need to settle a debate lol

— ⚡SMOOTHFORREAL⚡ (@MOR_PRO) June 21, 2017

Well, it’s the Bellator Cage now, everything else is virtually identical… https://t.co/zjORvJPMHR

— Mike Goldberg (@GoldieOnTV) June 21, 2017

Eddie Alvarez and Dustin Poirier are going back and forth over their no contest

Someone’s off thier Stool now ?? whenever I feel like it …. that’s When

— Eddie Alvarez (@Ealvarezfight) June 21, 2017

You fucked me up good already And I ate it up … when I gave it back You Quit , .. You were good 2 continue ,You know it , don’t B tuff

— Eddie Alvarez (@Ealvarezfight) June 21, 2017

The first one was pretty awesome- I hope they do run it back a second time

The heart and will of @EAlvarezFight pic.twitter.com/q3YXzQZYz3

— Streetfight Bancho (@streetfitebanch) May 14, 2017

Just salty as can be.

Every Oscar De La Hoya interview after McGregor/Mayweather was announced pic.twitter.com/EEP4zVNwpg

— Sean Ross Sapp (@SeanRossSapp) June 22, 2017

The replies to this suggestion made my heart glad.

Who wants to see @Cody_Nolove vs @mannypacquiao ?

— Ali Abdelaziz (@AliAbdelaziz00) June 20, 2017

It just goes on like this…

If there is anyone BJ Penn can beat in the UFC, it’s Dennis Siver.

A fight happening next Sunday….

Siver returns from 2-yr layoff, Penn winless since 2010.

But nearly 9 hrs of Octagon time between them! pic.twitter.com/XtDFxgBP38

— Fightnomics Reed (@Fightnomics) June 20, 2017

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

Did Sylvester Stallone steal this plot point from Chuck Wepner too?

In 1976, pro wrestler Andre the Giant and heavyweight fringe contender Chuck Wepner fought a mixed rules bout in NY. Here’s how it ended pic.twitter.com/V4oGJXdYmC

— Boxing History (@BoxingHistory) April 12, 2017

Quick work!

Jesse Taylor finishes off Team Garbrandt as Hayder Hassan taps out in round one! #TUFRedemption https://t.co/Trx3fXElQl

— FOX Sports: UFC (@UFCONFOX) June 22, 2017

some violance from Germany , brutal head kick KO by Stephan Janssen (7-0) #WLMMA32 #mma @TheZaneSimon @ZPGIFs pic.twitter.com/ju9MoEvnts

— Denis La Funk (@DenisLaFunk_) June 21, 2017

[email protected]_sam folds Paulie.
Another potential KO of the year from the Savage. pic.twitter.com/HZAAcDVG2x

— FightPicks inc (@MixedMartialBet) June 21, 2017

Xavier Martinez and Prince Smalls trade blows at the bell to close out the 2nd RD of tonight’s co-main event on @FS1. #PBConFS1 pic.twitter.com/RCKAuDm8M4

— PBC (@premierboxing) June 21, 2017

I want to appreciate this combination but I’m more concerned with what Prince Smalls has going on here… what’s with that hair? Those shorts?

Xavier Martinez lands a strong combo of punches on Prince Smalls as we hit the halfway point of this co-feature. #PBConFS1 pic.twitter.com/Bhfx9fz9ou

— PBC (@premierboxing) June 21, 2017

I love spinning elbows so this was worth a re-post.

MY GOD. Insane spinning back elbow KO by Matt Jones at Front Street Fights 12 pic.twitter.com/9BJNsST2vE

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) May 13, 2017

Random Land

How we got the term debugging

The First Bughttps://t.co/IR1kc0yZSE pic.twitter.com/vIdfx2fuLU

— Letters of Note (@LettersOfNote) June 20, 2017

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