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Midnight Mania! Khabib-Ferguson interim lightweight title bout finalized for UFC 209

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Welcome to Midnight Mania! Tonight we’ve got announcements, dancing Mackenzie Dern, rare submissions, Ben Rothwell coming for journalists on Twitter, knockouts, social media exchanges, and other assorted things and stuffs. You know, the usual.

We’ve heard the rumors, but now it is official. Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson will fight for the interim lightweight title on March 4th in Vegas. This fight has been attempted before, but let’s hope this time, it sticks. Khabib puts an eight-fight UFC win streak and his undefeated record on the line, while Ferguson brings an almost unprecedented 9-fight win streak to the table.

We got a fight! @TeamKhabib & @TonyFergusonXT will meet at #UFC209 in Las Vegas for the interim LW title! https://t.co/kOnfPzkCKy pic.twitter.com/u594u8EWJ0

— #UFCPhoenix (@ufc) January 13, 2017

Negotiations had become bogged down over fighter pay- maddeningly, the UFC were unwilling to pay Ferguson what Khabib was making for the fight, and Khabib, impatient with such petty penny-pinching, offered 200,000 of his own dollars to Ferguson in a derisive gesture. Ferguson turned that down, insisting the brass needed to listen to his demands. Nurmagomedov also turned down a floated, nonsensical bout with Jose Aldo, insisting he wanted Ferguson. However, rumors a few days ago were that he had moved on and was willing to consider other contenders. It is good to see this bout finally booked, and hopefully this means Ferguson is getting his financial due.

Hope they make this official #UFC209 @TeamKhabib x @TonyFergusonXT @ufc pic.twitter.com/aIgzKm7hHv

— BossLogic (@Bosslogic) January 11, 2017

It does mean another interim belt, of course, and McGregor’s coach had a reaction I’m sure many are feeling.


— Coach Kavanagh (@John_Kavanagh) January 13, 2017

However, it does mean this will be a five-round fight, which is what I care about. What John Kavanagh might be worried about, is that this will make it more difficult for McGregor to pass over the winner in order to fight Nate Diaz, who would probably move more pay-per-views.

The bout will co-headline an event topped with Woodley-Thompson 2, making UFC 209 an excellent offering for fight fans. It’s just a shame the UFC haven’t been willing to pony up the necessary cash to bring back Nick Diaz, the most famous representative of the 209 area code. Gilbert Melendez and Nate Diaz are also conspicuously absent, with Nate saying he isn’t going to answer his phone for less than twenty million.

[email protected] pic.twitter.com/jcKw3jJWp1

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) January 12, 2017

Slips, Rips and Sweet Clips

Remember when BJ Penn was awesome?

BJ Penn vs Takanori Gomi – Round 3 (2003) pic.twitter.com/kRrlgo0PqP

— Bestrafer7 (@Bestrafer7) January 13, 2017

He once fought Lyoto Machida in a very close fight at openweight:

Yair Rodriguez is also pretty awesome.

A video posted by Yair Rodriguez Portillo (@panteraufc) on Jan 15, 2016 at 8:03am PST

I saw this fight in person:

Algunos Highlights de la pelea pasada!

A video posted by Yair Rodriguez Portillo (@panteraufc) on Dec 28, 2015 at 6:22pm PST

Regional MMA, never change.

Here’s your daily dose of cringe

MMA fighter rides a tricycle to the cage, dressed as the puppet from Saw, then gets KO’d in under a minute pic.twitter.com/07MSdDt0Yt

— Fury’s Fight Picks (@FurysFightPicks) January 12, 2017

I love obscure submissions.

Very rare jackpot submission at Alash Pride pic.twitter.com/0XLSpP3xmm

— Sayat 萨亚特 (@sayatmma) October 22, 2016

A better look:

[email protected] @LegKickTKO @ZBelicaIRL @ricketyoldshack That move is called a “jackpot” or “scorpion crunch.” Very rare submission but works. pic.twitter.com/ftIVFKDjeY

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) January 11, 2017

Bobs and Weaves

Speaking of obscure submissions, Mackenzie Dern has got it.

Parece que ela não cansa Ela desce, ela mexe balança E ainda aguenta mais Having fun dancing like always! Local @academiaorlandocani Música Taca Taca do @mckoringa #mckoringa Coreografia e Bailarinas @kauangracie e @mackenziedern Câmeraman @bio.marcelo

A video posted by Mackenzie Dern (@mackenziedern) on Jan 12, 2017 at 1:35pm PST

Oh, yeah, she also trains like a beast.

@ibjjf Europeans is almost here!! @chico_salgado Passing a great physical preparation for me! Helping me make weight and be as prepared as possible for my fights! _____________________________________________ Europeu 2017 está quase chegando e @chico_salgado está me ajudando bater peso e chegar mais preparada possível para minhas lutas!!! #cantstopwontstop @wartribegear @studio540 @dopaminadrink

A video posted by Mackenzie Dern (@mackenziedern) on Jan 12, 2017 at 10:42am PST

Yair Rodriguez is pretty dang good at it but the OG of spinning ish was Cung Le

I like to follow up with a spinning back fist after a side kick or a spinning back kick. Here is a few clips on how I drill the follow up. See the whole instructional on my YouTube channel. Link at the top of my page #mma #kickboxing #kungfu #sanda #ninja #martialarts #karate #beastmode #fitness #training #warrior @execushield_inc @gardenoflife @clinchgearhq @afflictionclothing @drinkruna @gyv_biogenesis @tarantactical @alzev @bellatormma @smashgyms @unbreakableperformance @scottsheeley @jayglazer

A video posted by Cung Le (@cungle185) on Nov 28, 2016 at 3:42pm PST

Submission Underground Grappling 3 is looking fun.

#SUG3 pic grid by @grapplingweekly pic.twitter.com/qH4oGDgKY2

— SUG (@SUG_Grappling) January 12, 2017

Ben Rothwell is a weird dude, but you can’t say he isn’t social media savvy. Here he picked up on a story featuring his good-natured threatening of MMA Journalist Ben Fowlkes. This isn’t the first time he has bullied Ben on social media. To his credit, Fowlkes comes ready with the .GIF replies.

@benfowlkesMMA oh shit https://t.co/Fh5RBBiJ0l

— Big Ben Rothwell (@RothwellFighter) January 12, 2017

The full exchange below:

@benfowlkesMMA Reminder : I’m smashing you with the nearest solid object for supporting Meryl Streep Real / no fooling

— Big Ben Rothwell (@RothwellFighter) January 12, 2017

@RothwellFighter pic.twitter.com/dJfQQ6rFsO

— Ben Fowlkes (@benfowlkesMMA) January 12, 2017

@benfowlkesMMA pic.twitter.com/k2gZazk4jh

— Big Ben Rothwell (@RothwellFighter) January 12, 2017

@RothwellFighter pic.twitter.com/fblJ6WhAhw

— Ben Fowlkes (@benfowlkesMMA) January 12, 2017

There you go, Ben. I fixed it for you.

@RothwellFighter Didn’t even include my follow-up gif replies. What a waste.

— Ben Fowlkes (@benfowlkesMMA) January 12, 2017

Quick Hits

  • This weekend, Fight Pass is free. Take advantage of it. I recommend getting a temporary break-up with your girlfriend, shutting yourself in, and going back and binge-watching the best fights you can.
  • Hendo-Shogun 1, the entire UFC 189 main card plus Brown-Means on the prelims, Barboza-Ferguson, Vannata-Ferguson, Bermudez-Grice, Chan Sung Jung vs Dustin Poirier, Aldo-Mendes, Henderson-Pettis, Henderson-Cerrone 1, Cormier-Gustaffson, Swanson-Choi, Moicic-JDS, Nick Diaz vs. Robbie Lawler, Brown-Silva, Brown-Thompson, Lawler-Manhoef, Hunt vs. Wanderlei Silva, Mendes-Thomson 1 and 2, Melendez-Sanchez, Hendricks-Condit, and of course McGregor-Diaz 1 and 2 are great all-action fights.
  • For near-perfect striking performances, Thompson-Hendricks, Machida-Evans, Machida vs. Thiago Silva, Dillashaw-Barao, and Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin are iconic.
  • For grappling goodness, Fitch vs. Erick Silva, Sakuraba-Newton, Oliveira-Lentz, Henderson-Guida, and Oliveira-Hioki are amazing. Rousey-Tate 2 was a great fight too, and Rousey’s whole anthology is worth watching, to refute those who now think Rousey was over-rated.
  • Other fighters who don’t know how to have a boring fight (at least when they win) are Cub Swanson, John Lineker, Chan Sung Jung, Dennis Bermudez, Matt Brown, Robbie Lawler, Nick Diaz, and Fedor Emilianenko. Swanson-Semerzier, for instance, is an obsure fight from Cub’s WEC days that I used to have saved on my hard drive for a boring day- it was that good.
  • So much for Quick Hits.
  • Struve is out of that rematch with JDS everyone was so excited for. Hopefully they pay Werdum whatever it takes to rematch JDS. 800K, guaranteed title shot upon a win, anything, because that card needs it.

Random Land

Sharks are scary. Don’t watch them before you go to sleep unless nightmares are some sort of twisted goal of yours.

This parade is much better to watch before bedtime. Whenever your bedtime is.


— griffin (@GRlFFERS) December 11, 2016

Stay woke, Maniacs!

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