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Midnight Mania! McGregor attacks fan, Anderson Silva says Netflix bought his script for action show

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Welcome to Midnight Mania! Tonight we have Conor McGregor attacking a fan who approaches him, Anderson Silva saying he wrote a script that Netflix bought, which will have action, but has nothing to do with fighting (whatever that means to Anderson). We also have Valentina Shevchenko demonstrating insane flexibility, dance fighting, Angela Magana’s return to Twitter, Johnson jokes, knockouts, highlights, and more.

Front Line

Conor McGregor looks like he didn’t want to be bothered:

Get the fook outta here! @thenotoriousmma #mma #ufc #conormcgregor #mcgregor #ireland #notorious #boxing #martialarts #funny

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Maybe he wants his privacy ahead of becoming a father. (see his own father share what it was like watching his son become a man in MMA here)

O vazio é algo que fica bem no meio entre isto e aquilo. O vazio tudo inclui e não tem contrapartida, nada vem a excluir ou a contestar.O vazio é vivo, pois todas as formas dele emergem.E aquele que compreende o vazio fica cheio de vida, de força e de amor por todas as coisas. Mestre Bruce Lee.

A photo posted by Anderson Silva (@spiderandersonsilva) on Dec 4, 2016 at 12:26am PST

Anderson Silva wrote a script? And Netflix bought it?? And it’s not fighting-related???

That’s exactly what he is saying, according to Combate (translation via

“My biggest dream, right now, is to maybe win an Oscar,” Silva said. “I got some auditions to do in Hollywood. I wrote a script for a series and Netflix bought it, thank God. I got other projects apart from fighting. It was always my dream to become an action movie actor. I have been studying that for a while and now things are finally happening.”

Being an actor does pay really well- just ask Cowboy Cerrone- so it might be a viable post-fighting career for the 41-year-old star. However, script-writing? This is a surprising wrinkle, even from the eccentric and quirky character that is Anderson “The Spider” Silva. He has always been creative, and apparently that creativity isn’t just expressed inside the Octagon. Perhaps the most surprising part of all of it is that the script isn’t related to fighting… but somehow still an “action show”, whatever action means.

“It’s an action show, but it has nothing to do with fighting,” Silva said. “It doesn’t have a name yet, we’re still adapting it to script and we’ll settle on a name once it’s all done. I had to stop for awhile, but I’m always working on it, you know, it’s annoying. I’m always writing, putting ideas on paper, before I go to bed and after I wake up.”

Is Anderson Silva our generation’s Brazilian Bruce Lee? Is he the Renaissance man of our time? It is yet to be seen. He has a long history of saying outlandish things, the most recent being that he is intent on fighting Conor McGregor. Before then, he lends his star power to UFC 208 in Brooklyn opposite Derek Brunson.

Can he bring this magic back?

@spiderandersonsilva vs Forrest Griffin #ufc #mma #andersonsilva #spider #ko #knockout #boxing #kickboxing #martialarts #legend #goat

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Valentina Shevchenko is a talented woman.

Valentina Shevchenko is extremely agile. Watch her unique #ufconfox23 warmup below.

— (@MMAFighting) January 27, 2017

Bet she could pull this off:

The greatest wrestling sequence I’ve ever seen

— The Lucha Shooter (@IQWrestler) January 27, 2017

Looks familiar:

Bisping is out of knee surgery:

Mike’s out

— Zombie Prophet (@ZPGIFs) January 28, 2017

We posted a picture yesterday, but here is Joanna Jedrzejczyck knocking out the mascot:

Watch @UFC champ @joannamma knock out the @nuggets’ mascot with a vicious right hand! It was all done in fun, of course.

— AtTheBuzzer (@TheBuzzerOnFOX) January 27, 2017

Big Johnson jokes:

Jordan “Big Swinging” Johnson, who fights on #UFCDenver, had the commentators making hilarious puns in a recent fight. I made a highlight:

— Fury’s Fight Picks (@FurysFightPicks) January 28, 2017

Speaking of inappropriate, Angela Magana is back on Twitter

#proof why #yourmajesty can’t fit into any gi! #mexicanproblems #fatassproblems #clothesneverfit #bulkingseason

— Angela Magana (@AngelaMagana1) January 27, 2017

Slips, Rips and Knockout Clips

It’s Friday, and that means regional (and Bellator 171) MMA:

Great walkout & even better performance by David Rickels. #Bellator171

— Léno (@DavidLCarrion) January 28, 2017

#FightNight is here! @ManglerBJJ defends his FW title against @hhhillbillyKC, TONIGHT at 9/8c! #CES41 @CESMMA

— AXS TV Fights (@AXSTVFights) January 27, 2017

Kody Nordby vs David Garcia #CES41 The V Choke

— Zombie Prophet (@ZPGIFs) January 28, 2017

Tyler King vs Keith Bell #CES41 WOWOWOWOWOW

— Zombie Prophet (@ZPGIFs) January 28, 2017

Regional MMA: so bad it’s good.

Greg Rebello vs Danyelle Williams #CES41

— Zombie Prophet (@ZPGIFs) January 28, 2017

Muay Xtreme, a Muay Thai with MMA gloves promotion we have mentioned before:

Muay Xtreme – This leg kick! Yuan (China) destroys Daoprasuk (Thailand) in 1R

— Jolassanda (@Jolassanda) January 27, 2017

Muay Xtreme – Hellbow KO! Bad night for James. Yodphayak KO’s James Heelan (Ireland)

— Jolassanda (@Jolassanda) January 27, 2017

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) January 27, 2017

This was remarkable:

Incredible comeback by Andrew Miller at Muay Xtreme. From the jaws of defeat.

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) January 27, 2017

Maniacs are winners tonight:

SFL – Amit Thapa / Mumbai Maniacs/ TKO’s Shakti Singh /Gujarat Warriors / in 1R. Maniacs are winners tonight 🙂

— Jolassanda (@Jolassanda) January 27, 2017

What is this?

Девчата в мма ‍♂️ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #саратов#тольятти#иркутск#хабаровск #владивосток#ярославль#махачкала#томск #оренбург#Москва#СанктПетербург#нижнийновгород#казань#челябинск#омск#самара#ростовнадону#уфа#красноярск#пермь#воронеж#волгоград#краснодар#Россия#чечня#дагестан#ингушетия#путин #vinesmma #funnny

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Quick Hits

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  • Josh Thomson is fighting one of the Pitbull brothers at Bellator 172

Stay woke, Maniacs!

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