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Midnight Mania! Mike Perry and Al Iaquinta get into it on Twitter

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Welcome to Midnight Mania! It’s Friday again, and you know what that means- lots of knockouts. The fighting weekend is here, and bringing the good violence with it. Oh, plus we’ve got Mike Perry and Al Iaquinta getting itchy Twitter-fingers, Felice Herrig getting nasty with the tumeric and ginger, college wrestlers slapping, putting each other through tables, and much more.

Arguing on the Internet

Mike Perry and Al Iaquinta both hit pretty hard. Only one of them, however, got a bonus at UFC Fight Night 108, and that has led to quite the Twitter feud.

It seems to have started when Perry quoted Al’s “Fuck you” tweet to the UFC with some condescension.

Calm down Lil guy https://t.co/q91sCjCQ9t

— Platinum Mike Perry (@PlatinumPerry) April 23, 2017

@ufc @ALIAQUINTA you complain a lot for a guy who beat @GamebredFighter. Meet me at 170 . . . @Abraham_kawa

— Platinum Mike Perry (@PlatinumPerry) April 28, 2017

Iaquinta hit back… with positivity.

Mike Perry is a great fighter! I pray he never has a potential career ending injury and has to find out the hard way who has his back!

— Al Iaquinta (@ALIAQUINTA) April 28, 2017

Mike Perry.. Great fighter! He should really be concentrating on the 170 lb title, Picking on a faster more accurate lightweight… Sad!

— Al Iaquinta (@ALIAQUINTA) April 29, 2017

You ain’t say nothing about fighting me tho. It’s cool your roommate says you want nothing to do with 170 https://t.co/mh8icBFx1v

— Platinum Mike Perry (@PlatinumPerry) April 29, 2017

@PlatinumPerry tell ur girlfriend @danawhite take out his checkbook I’ll knock you out hillbilly

— Al Iaquinta (@ALIAQUINTA) April 29, 2017

@danawhite please let me smash this fool. He talks to much https://t.co/HoQ5h2JegZ

— Platinum Mike Perry (@PlatinumPerry) April 29, 2017

Get off your knees you’re embarrassing yourself $ https://t.co/4uFTo7cTQO

— Al Iaquinta (@ALIAQUINTA) April 29, 2017

@ALIAQUINTA Listen I’m gonna move past this unless they call about the fight. Talking is 1 thing. You too small to show up. I’d crush you

— Platinum Mike Perry (@PlatinumPerry) April 29, 2017

@PlatinumPerry I don’t give a fuck what you do

— Al Iaquinta (@ALIAQUINTA) April 29, 2017

@PlatinumPerry keep begging Dana, you just might get that call x

— Al Iaquinta (@ALIAQUINTA) April 29, 2017

What do you think? Would this be a good fight for either guy’s career, or is it just more noise online?

Bobs and Weaves

Felice Herrig getting lit!

#UFC strawweight @feliceherrig lights it up with a couple of turmeric & ginger root shots.

Yum? pic.twitter.com/jcLVSmDLPt

— FOX Sports: PROcast (@PROcast) April 28, 2017

I didn’t know real wrestling involved tables or slaps.

No respect given! Crutchmer puts Dean through a table… pic.twitter.com/NgdymZBRgi

— NICK VELLIQUETTE (@NickVelliquette) April 28, 2017

How rude #VegasWrestle @FloWrestling pic.twitter.com/1j7JWTjerd

— Eric Morris (@ericmorris66) April 28, 2017

Daniel Cormier says he would have slapped him too.

I would have smacked him 2.The match is over. Why is he still pushing on him. Deshazer did right thing. Bet that won’t happen to him again https://t.co/UfCAXcOVkj

— Daniel Cormier (@dc_mma) April 28, 2017

This is unbelievably creepy.

The chosen one cometh @TheNotoriousMMA JR #Notorious pic.twitter.com/pLhuCxOBqt

— Kamura (@KamuraShops) April 28, 2017

This is pretty cool though.

Just spotted this in Belfast! @TheNotoriousMMA #ConorMcGregor pic.twitter.com/5j0xqQRHHz

— Michael (@xGogsx) April 28, 2017

Johnson vs. Klitscho will be fun.

#joshuaklitschko Face Off pic.twitter.com/i2cTw7afVA

— Zombie Prophet (@ZPGIFs) April 28, 2017

Tyson Fury, nearly a hundred pounds over the heavyweight limit, is trying to make a comeback.

Tyson Fury Back in the Gym Hitting Mitts for His Comeback https://t.co/jjQ4OuYFgV

— Fancy Combat (@FancyCombat) April 28, 2017

This is how old-school Heavyweight champ Joe Louis trained:

Footage of the one and only ‘Brown Bomber’ Joe Louis training in the early days of his professional career (1934). #boxing #boxinghistory pic.twitter.com/dG7dN48qDK


Angela Hill hitting pads:

@EricDelFierro stay creepin #AllianceMMA @reyesgymtj
: @PaulinaGrana2 pic.twitter.com/aX6K6FNYdN

— Angela Hill (@AngieOverkill) April 28, 2017

You wouldn’t think women with h

Miłego weekendu kochani | Have a wonderful weekend Guys #weekend #friday #swimmingpool #swimwear #chillin #joan… https://t.co/2MhErtsJoX pic.twitter.com/t5g8oXjjeN

— Joanna Jedrzejczyk (@joannamma) April 28, 2017

Slips, Rips, and Knockout Clips

Tyson Nam (USA) KO’s Ali Bagautinov pic.twitter.com/vyiCuH2Sbs

— Jolassanda (@Jolassanda) April 28, 2017

Tyson Nam KO’s Ali Bagautinov at FNG 64. Literally AT THE BELL. pic.twitter.com/yzJhxAGBVa

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) April 28, 2017

So.. safe to say Tyson Nam is never being booked as a B-side again. pic.twitter.com/8loYr9pcZj

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) April 29, 2017

Tyson Nam joins the final round buzzer beater comeback highkick KO Hall of Fame alongside LC Davis’s classic IFL winhttps://t.co/dOufJbf9SD

— smoogy (@smoogymma) April 28, 2017

Maybe it was the training regimen. Ali B was like, Happy Birthday to the ground! And Tyson Nam replied, I knocked the rest of the fighter down too. No? Okay. Never mind. Just watch him throwing rocks at the earth.

Ali Baggins up next. https://t.co/yZwYtKk8Wb pic.twitter.com/ArVk2YWLvE

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) April 28, 2017

Russians are weird.

Second EFN mascot. Dagestan lion @Grabaka_Hitman @Jolassanda @ZidanSports @MUNCHmma @TeamKhabib @MAKHACHEVMMA pic.twitter.com/2ZlVFCK706

— Igor Lazorin (@BraveIgor) April 28, 2017

Meanwhile, in European MMA…

@peterqueally really dominated @Grabaka_Hitman @Jolassanda @ZidanSports @TheZaneSimon @MUNCHmma @TheNotoriousMMA pic.twitter.com/aAMakmOi6t

— Igor Lazorin (@BraveIgor) April 28, 2017

@Grabaka_Hitman Look at Mota face, he didn’t wanted to hurt Akihiro pic.twitter.com/cAheBK5aqH

— Jolassanda (@Jolassanda) April 29, 2017

MX – Nice knee to the body. Petchsing Singburi Muaythai School (THA) KOs Redouane Lagou (ALG) in 2R pic.twitter.com/C8pBnMBMbu

— Jolassanda (@Jolassanda) April 28, 2017

Ayub Gimbatov with the shove into the fence followed with a punch/forearm to the jaw. pic.twitter.com/kDgF0wt1OU

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) April 28, 2017

I had never seen this before.

Mehmen gave us this absolute classic against Rolles Gracie. Possibly the most hilarious KO ever. pic.twitter.com/NaNtgvWzg7

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) April 28, 2017

I had seen this one though.

@Grabaka_Hitman The poor-man’s Mehmen-Gracie KO – pic.twitter.com/2b86la5pIA

— Suzanne Davis (@SoozieCuzie) April 28, 2017

This was casual.

Just like that he’s out pic.twitter.com/hkMfWyL4NA

— Thirty Sec Fights (@ThirtySecFights) April 28, 2017

If you want some vintage slugging, watch round 12 of Vassily Jirov -James Toney and try not to yell “HOLY SHIT!!!”https://t.co/TWy2jW0NWH

— Mookie Alexander (@mookiealexander) April 28, 2017

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