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Midnight Mania! Mike Tyson: McGregor is going to get killed boxing; how to buy THAT McGregor suit

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Mike Tyson is mad. He thought McGregor-Mayweather would be a contest between styles, where McGregor would get the chance to use his MMA techniques against Floyd Mayweather. Now that he knows it’s straight boxing, he thinks McGregor is getting the short end of the stick. He said so in an interview on the Podcast “Pardon My Take”, with transcript via SI.com:

“McGregor is going to get killed boxing. I got mad because I thought they were going to use MMA rules against boxing because that’s what it’s all about: Can the boxer beat the MMA guy? McConor [sic] put his dumba*** in a position where he’s gonna get knocked out because this guy’s been doing this all his life since he was a baby. McConor [sic] can’t kick and grab and stuff so he won’t stand much of a chance.”

“McGregor took the biggest sucker rules in the history of boxing,” he added

This is after Tyson has stated that McGregor will look ridiculous boxing Floyd Mayweather. He used to like McGregor; now that McGregor is taking his “dumbass” to boxing, he has changed his tune.

If you disagree with Tyson’s opinion, you can buy Conor McGregor’s “fuck you” pinstriped suit for just $6500, via complex.com. The justification for such a suit?

“Infamy and notoriety isn’t always bad,” says the listing, “especially in the case of one bold, brave, confident friend of ours who revels in pushing boundaries. For those interested in taking similar risks, we have recreated our original custom 3-piece suit produced exclusively for Conor McGregor and we are making it available as a limited-edition custom order.”

In a statement released to GQ, CEO David August Heil said demand for the suit has been through the roof since McGregor was spotted wearing the suit during the press conference. To help make the extraordinary price tag worth it, he’s also promising that each suit purchase will be numbered and signed by him personally, in addition to being a made-to-measure item. Should you decide to take the plunge, you’ll have your own version of McGregor’s suit in about 12-15 weeks.

I have a couple questions about this suit. Is McGregor getting a cut of this? Where would you wear this suit, exactly? Not to most workplaces. Certainly not to church. With that price tag, I can imagine this being worn by high-profile executives giving speeches about the power of self belief to a group of uber-rich executives, the kind who receive small loans of a million dollars from their parents. Will they still be espousing those ideals by the time they get their suit, after McGregor is embarrassed by Floyd Mayweather? Perhaps the lesson will be “losing is winning”, or “fail upwards” because of the money McGregor will make even in defeat.

Actually, that does sound like a speech you would hear from someone who would wear this suit.


Speaking of McGregor-wear: you can buy Bosslogic’s new Reebok shirt shortly. From this preview, it looks like Reebok finally did something right.

Bosslogic X @ufc X @Reebok X @TheNotoriousMMA coming real soon @LVFightShop Glad to be doing things for the MMA world, keep being awesome pic.twitter.com/4vYUbmGZ1R

— BossLogic (@Bosslogic) July 25, 2017

Jon Jones wants everyone to believe he’s matured in the past two years. Maybe he has. But his recent justification of cocaine use and his history as a compulsive liar don’t give me much confidence.

Jon Jones Discusses What He’s Learned While on Suspension, UFC 214 vs Cormier & Being More Mature https://t.co/ZdBi0IgjGa

— Zombie Prophet (@ZPGIFs) July 24, 2017

A few snippets from today’s conference call:

Jon Jones: “DC is a great fighter, but I feel like this is my era. I feel like DC’s position is to be my…” Doesn’t finish the sentence.

— Shaheen Al-Shatti (@shaunalshatti) July 24, 2017

Jon Jones is at his best spitting insults with a kernel of truth:

Jon Jones: “If he was the one, he would have beaten Cael Sanderson. If he was the one, he would have won the Olympics. He’s not ‘the one’

— Damon Martin (@DamonMartin) July 24, 2017

“Boards don’t hit back” – Kenny Florian

Did You Know? pic.twitter.com/GUlld0MsUy

— The Onion (@TheOnion) July 25, 2017

Derrick Lewis’ therapy includes twerking

Twerk session at therapy today. Getting my body ready to go on another winning streak #ufc

A post shared by Derrick Lewis (@thebeastufc) on Jul 24, 2017 at 6:01pm PDT

Ramzan Kadyrov continues his use of MMA for his political agenda.

The Ultimate Fighter veterans Jonathan Brookins & Julian Lane (of “let me bang, bro” infamy) have signed contracts w/ Kadyrov’s Akhmat MMA pic.twitter.com/Al4GKBgInn

— Karim Zidan (@ZidanSports) July 24, 2017

A reminder that Georges St. Pierre was so good at mixed martial arts because he was a phenomenal athlete, and he still is.

After all those years working with coach Pat Beauchamp, I truly admire his patience with me!!! pic.twitter.com/YZccgtVcuv

— Georges St-Pierre (@GeorgesStPierre) July 24, 2017

Even using his UFC statistics, McGregor’s striking is not as good as Mayweather’s boxing… although I would like to know where Reed got his stats for this.

Early, imperfect look at #MayweatherMcGregor

McGregor has very good striking for the UFC. But Mayweather’s same metrics are best in class. pic.twitter.com/DIwOx9aKQO

— Fightnomics Reed (@Fightnomics) July 24, 2017

Good question. Are Stipe’s pay issues settled?

Just getting started… who’s next? pic.twitter.com/0RifCPjG3r

— Stipe Miocic (@stipemiocicufc) July 24, 2017

Martial arts expert vs wooden box pic.twitter.com/3MwfP5AuWj

— EditinKing Boxing (@EditinKing) July 24, 2017

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throwing down in the kitchen for my girl pic.twitter.com/uAH324n4C0

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