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Midnight Mania! Ronda Rousey’s concealed weapon, ‘Big John’ thumbed Tito’s larynx

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Bringing you the weird and the wild from the world of MMA each weeknight …

Welcome to Midnight Mania! Tonight, we have Ronda Rousey getting her concealed carry license, Donald Cerrone opening up about his new career as an actor and a stuntman, “King Mo” Lawal roasting Rampage Jackson on Instagram, who is out there barely tolerating puppies, referee “Big John” McCarthy putting his thumb in Tito Ortiz’s larynx, insane workouts, sweet knockouts and much more.

Front Line

Ronda Rousey was spotted applying for her concealed carry permit with boyfriend Travis Browne in Las Vegas, Nevada. It will be 90 days before she gets the license. Meanwhile, “Rowdy” spent some downtime at the range shooting a Glock 9mm, part of her training to get the permit, according to TMZ.

#StandingRock#RondaRousey shows up to support the protest of the Dakota Access oil pipeline.
Via @JRose_WB#UFC #MMA #WMMA #TeamMMA4LIFE pic.twitter.com/IRinRVTNIA

— The People’s MMA (@ThePeoplesMMA) January 25, 2017

That will be much too late for her role in the Resistance. That’s right- Ronda Rousey has been spotted with protesters at Standing Rock, protesting Trump’s decision to continue the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Referee “Big John” McCarthy revealed that Tito Ortiz didn’t get away completely scot-free for holding onto his choke of Chael Sonnen in Bellator 170’s main event (watch highlights) for too long.

Because Chael was never in danger & Tito paid a price for holding on to long when I stuck my thumb into his Larynx. Trust me it hurt #AskBJM https://t.co/huNA8V8vxg

— Big John McCarthy (@JohnMcCarthyMMA) January 25, 2017

When you are a former cop who has been in this game since the early days, you know a trick or three.

Donald Cerrone really opened up on this Luke Thomas Show segment on the money he makes acting and his plans after fighting.

Of his involvment in MMAAA, he says,

“I think we need retirement, a pension, some kind of healthcare … those are my arguments. If I were who I am, in any other sport, my pension would be great … same thing with some kind of retirement. Also some kind of health care, something we can do where I’ve got health care for now and forever.”

He riffed about his financial plans, saying he has a 401K and a financial planning company he works with. He mentioned he makes a minimum $1,600 a day as an actor, but is keeping his cards close to his chest on future roles.

“Oh, I can’t say. That’s the problem with the movies, you can’t talk about them until they are out.”

He did reveal that he is flying to Cuba to film “one of the all-time greatest movies- everyone’s seen it, they are remaking it, so it’s gonna be awesome!” but can’t give away which one. He does, however, enjoy the stunt work.

“Wait a minute … you are telling me you are going to pay me to flip that car that’d I’d do for fun?? Deal! Know what I mean?”

Rampage is getting roasted by King Mo on Instagram.

Quinton was takin the Fat Albert remake serious. @jingleston made this.

A photo posted by Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal (@kingmofh) on Jan 24, 2017 at 11:59am PST

Quinton with his trainin partner and mentor Kobayashi. @jingleston made this.

A photo posted by Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal (@kingmofh) on Jan 24, 2017 at 12:05pm PST

Throwback Tuesday!!! My boy found a pic from Quinton’s audition for Big Momma’s House. There is a picture of when he auditioned to play Rasputia in Norbit. My boy @iamwomack dug this one up.

A photo posted by Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal (@kingmofh) on Jan 24, 2017 at 4:13pm PST

One of the best qualities of Rampage is how relatable he can be, and this clip is no exception.

I love puppies.. but they can be annoying sometimes

A video posted by Quinton Jackson (@rampage4real) on Jan 24, 2017 at 9:39am PST

With the Unified Rules no more, here are what upcoming events are under the new rules and the ones that aren’t:

New MMA rules in effect?

Bellator 171: Yes
UFC on FOX 23: No
UFN 104: No
UFC 208: Yes
Bellator 172: Yes

— Marc Raimondi (@marc_raimondi) January 25, 2017

Gym Nonsense

This looks like a great way to get hurt ahead of Vitor Belfort’s scheduled bout with Kelvin Gastelum

This guy might be even more of a maniac, though.

cc: @SBNLukeThomas pic.twitter.com/vQMRya4Sin

— Rian Scalia (@rian5ca) January 24, 2017

Not in the least sure what is going on here. Blame Angela Hill for retweeting it.

You can take the boy out of the circus, but you can’t take ripping legs off of the Dean. #ChinaIL pic.twitter.com/clieos191u

— Titmouse Animation (@TitmouseInc) January 24, 2017

How to make a girl fall head over heels for with you …

Head over heels pic.twitter.com/RXDDwFYFtj

— Zombie Prophet (@ZPGIFs) January 24, 2017

First, you might need to know how to pick up a girl at the gym.

Might want to avoid trying that with these girls, though. They can hurt you.

“It felt incredible. Stepping back in there tonight made me realize how much I miss it and how much I love it.” – @AndreaKGBLee pic.twitter.com/xDp9BCF5u5

— Invicta FC (@InvictaFights) January 24, 2017

Slips, Rips and Knockout Clips

Apparently, the Kung Fu World Cup is a thing and it looks basically like MMA. Who knew?

Kung Fu World Cup – 77kg Title Fight – Ole Laursen (Denmark) def. Cheick Kone by 1R TKO pic.twitter.com/c3sQKbxehb

— Jolassanda (@Jolassanda) January 24, 2017

Kung Fu World Cup – nice head kick KO by Mohamed Diaby (France) (vs. Anatoly Moiseev (Russia)) pic.twitter.com/OB7KFPqKgQ

— Jolassanda (@Jolassanda) January 24, 2017

Kung Fu World Cup – Francesco Nuzzi (Italy) taps Wei Chengjin (China) in R1 pic.twitter.com/kh3naBOjSH

— Jolassanda (@Jolassanda) January 24, 2017

Kung Fu World Cup 35 s. long fight – Kevin Petshi (France) wins by RNC (vs. Jason Patrick Cleveland (USA)) pic.twitter.com/r8gHBeYW2T

— Jolassanda (@Jolassanda) January 24, 2017

This would be the ideal outcome of McGregor-Mayweather.

I discovered that in this Champions.co article by Matt Juul.

Looking forward to Masvidal-Cerrone this weekend!

#UFCDenver pic.twitter.com/OqIj5cCFTd

— Streetfight Bancho (@streetfitebanch) January 25, 2017

Podcasts and Video

Flyin’ Brian J breaks down Cerrone vs. Masvidal this weekend:

The Severe MMA podcast, now on Youtube.

Quick Hits

  • Chael Sonnen was fired for cheating on “Celebrity Apprentice.” Go figure.
  • Stipe Miocic-JDS 2 is reportedly on tap for the heavyweight title in Dallas at UFC 211 in March
  • Nate Diaz explains why he is applying for his boxing license

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