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Midnight Mania! Tyron Woodley pulls race card in verbal clash with Stephen Thompson

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Welcome to Midnight Mania! Tonight we have Woodley and Thompson getting into it verbally, a short retrospective of Conor McGregor’s rise, moar Sumo, fan art, highlights, podcasts, and the like.

Tyron Woodley has a history of saying controversial things, some of which are factual and some of which aren’t. His claim that his race affects his popularity among fans and even how he is treated by UFC brass almost certainly has some merit. His claim that Demetrious Johnson isn’t being promoted because of his race does not.

Listening to Woodley say Mighty Mouse isn’t the highest paid UFC fighter because he’s black pic.twitter.com/ykBT8X7MNA

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) January 18, 2017

Woodley: “Some people say it’s a racist sport. The second I bring up race in sport I’m immediately race-baiting, but I can point out clear facts where no other champion has been treated like me.”

He was careful to be clear he didn’t think Stephen Thompson was at fault or racist, but said some of his fans “definitely cross the line”.

Sage Northcutt says he’s out of school now, working with Tyron Woodley and focus on fighting#UFCTonight

— UFC Tonight (@UFCTonight) January 19, 2017

Woodley’s take on Demetrious Johnson:

“Who’s the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world? Demetrious Johnson. African-American male- completely a Tasmanian Devil. Why doesn’t he have the biggest endorsements? Why isn’t he making the most money?”

McGregor is out here out-bidding Trump for McLaren sports cars:

Conor Mcgregor outbidding Donald Trump for a McLaren MP4-12C before the inauguration on Friday pic.twitter.com/QgbZFsD99X

— Al Foran Comedy (@ImpressionistAL) January 18, 2017

That guy’s Conor impression is pretty dang good.

With how ubiquitous he is these days, it’s easy to forget just how recent Conor’s rise to fame was. Two years ago, he had just knocked out his first top-ten opponent in Dustin Poirier, had never headlined a PPV, and was given Dennis Siver as a gimme bout ahead of an already-promised title shot against Jose Aldo.


2 years ago today,

Conor McGregor put on a show against Dennis Siver

This was McGregor’s first main event in the United States pic.twitter.com/wltKJoAfsW

— MMA History Today (@MMAHistoryToday) January 19, 2017

Immediately finishing Siver, McGregor hopped over the fence & went into the crowd to get in Jose Aldo’s face

This start of their rivalry… pic.twitter.com/6Gu8sXLx7L

— MMA History Today (@MMAHistoryToday) January 19, 2017

Eleven months after getting into Aldo’s face, McGregor defeated him to become the UFC Featherweight Champion pic.twitter.com/M39iqGBSQX

— MMA History Today (@MMAHistoryToday) January 19, 2017

That fight would be the last “easy fight” of Conor McGregor’s career, as he went on to face Chad Mendes, Jose Aldo, Nate Diaz twice, and Eddie Alvarez to dominate the headlines, become the first simultaneous two-division champion, and break all the records on PPV. But two years ago today, he had been in the fight game for six years as a professional, and still had everything to prove.

Bobs and Weaves

Tommy Toehold!

Still waiting on that infamous video…

The mystery tape of Cody Garbrandt knocking out TJ Dillashaw

CAN’T WAIT !!! @Izi_Garcia @mma_gifs_ @FlyinBrianJ @Cody_Nolove @joerogan pic.twitter.com/F6MiaF4rBs

— MMA Bible (@TheMMABible) January 18, 2017



— MEGATON (@BasedDongeezus) January 18, 2017

When life hits you hard but you rise above it:

Ura is so cool pic.twitter.com/FxDqMO7S2C

— MEGATON (@BasedDongeezus) January 18, 2017


— MEGATON (@BasedDongeezus) January 18, 2017

Tamawashi blew away Kakuryu pic.twitter.com/xFmXhAsarG

— MEGATON (@BasedDongeezus) January 18, 2017

This was a gorgeous takedown. Where did she learn to wrestle like this?

Girl beats dudes ass pic.twitter.com/597272wLk6

— Thirty Sec Fights (@ThirtySecFights) January 19, 2017

If Ronda Rousey had gotten past her straight punches (she didn’t) the champ had this spinning backfist in her pocket just waiting:

During the fight week with Coach Roger krahl #ufc207 Esse aquecimento foi na semana da luta. pic.twitter.com/fswqQZdDVc

— Amanda Nunes (@Amanda_Leoa) January 19, 2017

If anyone has Fight Pass, this looks like fun:

TOMORROW on #UFCFIGHTPASS we have #Combate10 live from Mexico City starting at 8:00PM ET | 5:00PM PT! pic.twitter.com/6RlZbY6tak

— UFC Fight Pass (@UFCFightPass) January 18, 2017

Speaking of Fight Pass:

One Fight … One Finish! #AFC128 is rolling! pic.twitter.com/7Bxf6WkDx9

— UFC Fight Pass (@UFCFightPass) January 19, 2017

Alright, Jhenny. We see you.

#hulaHoop now! pic.twitter.com/MlRurJYaBf

— Jhenny UFC (@JhennyUfc) January 19, 2017

Invicta booked the rematch of a first fight, which, if you recall, ended in a controversial armbar that was later overturned to a no-contest.

ICYMI: @tonyaevinger vs. @YanaKunitskaya Rematch Set For #InvictaFC22! https://t.co/phz6Ekgena pic.twitter.com/F07VHczvwK

— Invicta FC (@InvictaFights) January 19, 2017

Meanwhile, another Invicta champion is making her re-entry to the UFC:

Welcome back @AngieOverkill pic.twitter.com/4ySj3EPOvy

— adam nelson (@GorillaTheBear) January 19, 2017

Jon Jones with his professional football player brother, Chandler:

A photo posted by Jon Bones Jones (@jonnybones) on Jan 18, 2017 at 8:01pm PST

Daniel Cormier making light of not being that Daniel Cormier:

Thanks, @AlissaLikavec! Hopefully I won’t curse into a hot mic, tonight! https://t.co/1gvDzYl7Hr

— Daniel Cormier ⌨ (@danielcormier) January 19, 2017

These jokes have been going around today:

#Inauguration pic.twitter.com/Rx28yjaJAW

— Seán Sheehan (@SeanSheehanBA) January 18, 2017

Promotional videos have some of the best highlights:

FRIDAY! @GLORY_WS makes it’s awaited return to #UFCFIGHTPASS with the the @GLORY_WS featherweight title on the line! pic.twitter.com/ADRqrR31Ed

— UFC Fight Pass (@UFCFightPass) January 19, 2017

This article by Jack Slack about Rocky Marciano and the art of fighting “ugly” is dope and led me to find this documentary about some of the great old-timey fighters:

This is why UFC on Fox 23 is going to be interesting, because Valentina Shevchenko knows how to throw a straight punch.

Clean, straight punches down the middle. #ufcphoenix @jessicaevileye pic.twitter.com/hRzb9sE5Kx

— Tyler M. (@RapidMMA) January 19, 2017

See Shevchenko’s UFC debut here:

Podcasts and Video

The Heavy Hands guys interviewed Greg Jackson, who is as quirky and humble as you might have thought:

The MMA Ratings Podcast:

the Promotional Malpractice Live Chat with Luke Thomas. I have a theory about this podcast, similar to this theory about Game of Thrones: Luke Thomas has no T-shirts.

Quick Hits

  • Penn vs. Rodriguez did pretty well considering the competition from football. This is a reminder of how tiny MMA is compared to the giant that is American football.
  • Ben Fowlkes’ story of the fighter who actually just admitted he cheated and took steroids is a remarkable article. That guy, Mike Richman, is returning to fighting soon, ostensibly now a clean man.
  • Lombard vs. Hendricks is set as a Middleweight bout, and that seems like a fun style clash.

Stay woke, Maniacs!

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