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Mike Dolce: Fighters won’t cut more weight with new earlier weigh-ins

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One of the major concerns about the new, earlier weigh-in procedure that seems to be all the rage in MMA is that it could encourage fighters to cut even more weight. UFC president Dana White expressed that potential issue himself before UFC 199.

Mike Dolce, from his experience, doesn’t see that happening. A big name in MMA weight management and nutrition, Dolce told MMA Fighting in a recent interview that he has been a big proponent of an earlier weigh-in long before it became a rule in California and adopted in other places. The diet guru can’t foresee that fighters-will-cut-more downside happening.

“I would bet dollars to donuts that we will not see that,” Dolce said. “It’s already a very invasive process that the athlete would rather not go through. They simply go through these weight cuts to even the playing field with their opponent, who’s doing the same. They’re not looking to put themselves at further disadvantage by dropping another weight class, especially because these weight classes are so spread out.”

At the end of the day, Dolce said, the fighters do still have to make the weight, even if they are getting a few more hours to rehydrate before the fight.

“The athletes know how difficult it is to make weight and even with the new, I’ll call it a 36-hour rule, it doesn’t make the weight-cutting process any easier,” Dolce said. “What it does is allow them for more optimal for rehydration. I have not heard one single athlete make a statement such as that or make a move such as that.”

The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) passed weight-cutting rules in February, including moving back the afternoon weigh-in the day before fights to the morning. So, instead of athletes hitting the scale at 4 p.m. during a weigh-in show, they are ….View full article

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