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Mike Dolce: Tainted supplement wouldn’t be a good excuse for Jon Jones in drug case

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Jon Jones says he never knowingly ingested any banned substance. Yet the former UFC light heavyweight champion failed a drug test in June, forcing the the UFC to pull him from the UFC 200 main event last week.

USADA’s results management process has to play itself out. It seems like Jones and his team are laying the foundation for a tainted supplement defense. And it’s certainly possible Jones took something that was contaminated.

Both Yoel Romero and Tim Means tested positive for banned substances in USADA drug tests this year. They each got six-month suspensions, rather than two-year bans, because they were able to prove the supplement they took contained that banned substance.

The supplement industry might as well be the Wild, Wild West. There is no regulation and, according to experts, contamination is rampant. So much so that Mike Dolce, one of MMA’s leading nutrition gurus, doesn’t let his clients use any supplements unless they are properly vetted and would prefer them not take supplements at all.

Dolce told Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour that he has every client get a full medical workup right off the bat. After the tests, deficiencies in any nutritional areas are sought out and if any are found, then Dolce said he will go to USADA’s website to see which supplement in the proper category of need has been ruled safe. Dolce said he’ll then have his client go back to his or her doctor and get the supplement cleared by a medical professional. All clients are also required to sign a waiver regarding supplements, he said.

“This is what you must do at the elite level,” Dolce said.

Dolce, who has worked with the likes of Ronda Rousey, Chael Sonnen, Thiago Alves and others, said he also has UFC ….View full article

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