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Mike Tyson gushes over ‘interesting’ Conor McGregor, Jon Jones … not so much

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Mike Tyson knows a thing or three about letting his personality shine outside the ring to promote a fight. That said, he also knows a few things about getting into trouble, too.

That’s why “Iron Mike” didn’t hold back when giving his assessment of a few of today’s biggest mixed martial arts (MMA) stars when speaking to Fighters Only. As he put it, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight champion Conor McGregor is one of the most charismatic characters around, one who sucks the air out of a room as soon as he walks in.

As for Jon Jones, well, his words weren’t as flattering (despite earlier optimism), as he dubbed the former light heavyweight champion as “bad,” but also a “very shy” and “decent” person. He also went to give Ronda Rousey props, as usual.

His words:

“Conor is very charismatic. Jon Jones is bad, but deep down he’s a decent kind of person and very shy. Whereas this guy, Conor, he’s the man. He reminds me of the old-time boxers, one of those guys that’s just into everything. He walks into the room and everybody stands up. He sucks the air out of the room. He’s just a really interesting guy. He does things nobody else has been able to do, too. He’s kind of like an animated character, one that’s real though. He’s a great fighter, but his personality is even bigger than his talent. Isn’t that crazy? He’s got this huge personality. Nobody in MMA has ever had a personality as big as his. Ronda [Rousey] is just like a monster. The things she would do, but this guy is different. His personality is phenomenal.”

Jones’ reputation hasn’t been getting any better thanks to his continuous hiccups with the law. Though according to this, he ….View full article

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