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MLB Thanksgiving: Appreciating Jorge Posada

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I do not remember the beginning of my baseball fandom, at least not as a single data point dividing the before and after. I guess that’s the way it is for every lifelong fan.

My early memories of baseball include scarfing down my dinner so I could run downstairs and watch as much of the Yankee game as possible before bedtime. I’d holler up to my dad, “0-0! Game just started,” and he’d come down and watch the first few innings with me before going to bed. I’d wake up the next morning to find a post-it note on the side of the kitchen counter with the final score and a quick line about what happened. Dad was already at work.

I had memorized the Yankees’ lineup long before I ever went to kindergarten. And, as my fandom grew in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, an all-time Yankee great became my hero: Jorge Posada. The gritty, fiery catcher was my connection to baseball during those formative years, his impact as significant as those post-it notes and cartoonish eating habits.

When the rest of the young Yankees fans were wearing No. 2 and doing their best Jeter Jump Throw imitation, I was bending my knees and hunching over ever-so slightly in the batter’s box and learning to hit from both sides of the plate. My friends all wanted to play shortstop; I wanted to catch. They wore batting gloves and practiced reapplying them with the bat wedged under their arm-pit; I gripped the bat barehanded and occasionally dusted some dirt on my batting helmet—only later finding out that it was actually extra pine tar coated around the NY logo. When they’d mention the Jeter Flip Play, I’d point out it was Posada who applied the swipe tag.

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