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MMA fighter arrested in Miami to undergo mental health evaluation

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Last week regional MMA fighter Michael Nates, 31, was arrested in Miami, FL. In initial reports the Miami Herald erroneously named UFC star Nate Diaz as the arrested fighter. That outlet later corrected themselves, naming Nates as the individual who had been detained.

Miami’s Local 10 reported that Nates, who is accused of attacking a stranger and then fighting with police officers, is due to undergo a mental health evaluation. After the evaluation a judge will decide whether Nates will be released on house arrest of placed in a psychiatric institution before he can stand trial.

Nates was arrest on February 9th. Police say they arrested Nates after being called to the 5400 block of Northwest 3rd Avenue in Miami. It’s there that police allege Nates attacked a man who was walking with his 3-year-old daughter.

Nates is accused of harassing the man and asking if the girl was his daughter. Police say that after the man ignored Nates, Nates said, “Are you willing to fight for your daughter?” before lashing out towards the girl.

Authorities claim the girl was knocked down, prompting the man to scoop her up and run away from Nates. Nates is accused of chasing the man, punching him and then grabbing the girl. Nates was arrested soon after this allegedly took place.

It is alleged that after Nates was transported to a police station he attempted to grab a police officer’s gun. Police state that it took 12 officers to restrain Nates.

Nates now faces charges of kidnapping, aggravated battery on law enforcement and resisting arrest.

After the incident at the police station Nates required hospitalization. Local 10 reported that Nates ended up in an intensive care unit. Nates’ mother spoke to that outlet about her son’s injuries. She stated that Nates had “bruises all over” and that he had a punctured lung. She told reporters that her son had suffered a “psychotic breakdown.”

Nates had four professional MMA bouts between 2009 and 2012. He also appeared in the 2015 documentary Dawg Fight, which centers on Dhafir Harris, aka Dada 5000, and South Miami’s bare-knuckle backyard fighting scene.

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