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MMA fighter Julian Wallace pleads guilty to domestic violence charges

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Julian Wallace pleaded guilty to one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and one count of intentionally choking with recklessness last Wednesday in Newtown Local Court, MMAFighting confirmed with New South Wales Department of Justice spokesperson Georgie Loudon. The charges stem from an incident that happened April 28.

The news was initially reported by The Daily Telegraph on Sunday.

The victim, Invicta fighter Jessica-Rose Clark, told The Telegraph that Wallace attacked her after she brought home the wrong noodles for dinner and accused her of infidelity. Clark said Wallace kicked her in the head while wearing boots, hit her in the face, kneed her in the ribs, threw her on the ground and choked her. Clark said she was able to break out of the choke and knock Wallace out with a head kick before contacting police.

Clark opened up about the attack on her Facebook page.

“It saddens me that this particular incident had to happen before I finally found the courage to leave,” Clark wrote. “And it saddens me that I was still so caught in his spell, that I still went back multiple times to see him even after it happened. I still told him I loved him and I even considered trying to make it work again. 5th time is a charm right?”

Clark added: “The reason I came out so publicly about this is because it TERRIFIES me to think that if someone like myself, a professional fighter, can get so deeply caught in such a toxic and hurtful situation, and knowing how hard it is to break free of their hold on you, then what hope is there for the women, men and children who don’t have the physical ability to not only defend themselves but remove themselves from the situation.”

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