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MMA Noise video: Jared Watson of ‘Dirty Heads’ reveals how training MMA with Ian McCall helped stop drug and alcohol abuse

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“MMA Noise” is back at it with another video release, this time interviewing Jared Watson, lead vocalist of “Dirty Heads,” an American reggae band who just released its latest single, “Oxygen.”

Watson is the latest celebrity who has nothing but positive things to say when it comes to having mixed martial arts (MMA) training as an outlet to better your health, mind and soul.

When he isn’t on the road, Watson trains at Team Oyama alongside the likes of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) mainstay Ian McCall. He also credits Ian with helping him through a very dark period in his life.

“Team Oyama gym is killer and McCall has been really,really great, helped me get through a very difficult time in my life and I owe a lot of that to just training MMA, kickboxing and just having some outlet; something to just make you feel good but at the same time get your ass kicked.”

When asked to specify just how “Uncle Creepy” helped him, Watson stated that there was a point in his life that he was a heavy user of drugs and alcohol. And when many attempts to stop didn’t happen, McCall stepped in and advised him to start training at his gym since it was something that seemed to help him during his own troubles.

And just like that, Watson became a main stay at the gym filled with professional fighters and slowl won his battle with drug abuse.

Since turning his life around, Watson and “Dirty Heads” is all about spreading positive vibes with their uplifting music.

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