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MMA Squared Ep. 11: MMA’s Scarface

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MMA Squared looks at the Mystic Mac persona and wonders if it’s experiencing an existential crisis.

Long before Conor McGregor played Hello Dolly on a bus window, the future of his MMA fighting career was already in doubt.

McGregor laid out his plans from the moment he burst onto the scene. First, rocket through the featherweight division and dethrone Jose Aldo.

Next, move up to lightweight to challenge that champ and become the first ever dual weight UFC champion.

Then parlay that success into a boxing match with Floyd Mayweather which would see McGregor earn upwards of one hundred million dollars.

Do you ever wonder if they practiced this pose? Or if they just sent notes back and forth and had to wing it?

But you know all this, because McGregor told us long before it ever happened. The most peculiar thing about Conor McGregor is that he laid out for no one what would happen after those goals were accomplished. An ownership stake in the UFC was bandied about, but never with the same conviction of his in cage/ring predictions.

Fans and haters alike, Dana White, Ari Emanuel, and everyone in the lightweight division are waiting to hear what Conor has to say next.

And it’s possible that even he doesn’t know.

After you get the money, after you get the power, after you get the women, what comes next?

Perhaps he is in the midst of an existential crisis

Hey everyone, thanks for checking out another episode of MMA Squared. With the upcoming dry spell in UFC events I’m going to dig deep for some less needle moving topics. Backroom deals, the most violent trilogy, the best freakshow fight, who knows what’s to come. Check out more artwork at https://chrisrini.com/ or follow me at https://twitter.com/RiniMMA

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