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MMA Squared Ep. 13: Nunes, the Lioness, Hunter or Hunted?

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Hello. This is Chris, and welcome to another episode of MMA Squared.

This Saturday at UFC 224 Amanda Nunes will defend her Bantamweight title against Raquel Pennington. Where has the promotional push been? Her highlight reel is stellar…

Do you find yourself wondering why we are not bombarded with promo footage of Nunes’ ecstatic celebration after her decimation of Ronda Rousey?

Or highlight reel shots of her bludgeoning of Miesha Tate?

I’m going to have to do a retrospective of women’s MMA hairstyles. This was more complex than a post-it can handle.

Perhaps it’s because the Lioness has been taking out marketable fighters since 2015.

Does Nunes have a gloved lion Reebok shirt? No. Her lion shirt looks like Conor’s tummy tattoo.

After defeating the two most popular women in bantamweight history (sorry Holly), she had the audacity to pull out of UFC 213 with acute sinusitis.

Dana White was so disappointed that he vowed never to headline and event with Nunes again.

But it’s PPV time and we need a belt on the poster, plus it’s in Brazil. Know this: when Amanda Nunes steps into the octagon on Saturday night both the belt and her future are at stake.

I wanted to make a metaphorical image that painted UFC 224 as a battle within the larger war between the promotion and the fighter. #nailedit

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High brow / Low brow mashup. That’s what MMA is.

Hey all, Chris here. Thanks for your time. If you’d like to talk to me, post a comment or find me on Twitter @RiniMMA or @MMASquared. See you next week.

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