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MMA Squared Ep. 27: A Cautionary Tale (for aspiring fighters and living legends)

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Today’s MMA Squared looks towards the not too distant future. The year is 2038, the place is Dublin, Ireland where a father is shouting at his son.



“The plumber’s coming, be a good man and let him in.”

“You’re interrupting my training.”

“I’m off to the pub, Jackie.”

“God. Dammit.”

…wait for some damn fool to come fix a damn sink…

knock knock

“I’m Mac, here to fix the sink.” said the man holding an enormous toolbox in his left hand while extending the other in a courteous gesture. Jack saw none of this. His eyes were drawn to a familiar tattoo under the plumber’s open collar.

Jack composed himself and met the plumber’s eyes, taking in the full measure of the legend. His hairline was receding and there was a stoicism in place of the manic bravado, but he still looked to be in fighting shape. Jack showed him to the kitchen and thought about what a good host might offer.

Thanks for reading part 1 of A Cautionary Tale, which will continue next Thursday right here on bloodyelbow.com. Once again, this is Chris Rini and you can reach me on Twitter or email [email protected] And remember, MMA Squared is sponsored by Combat Wombat, and expression of marsupial violence known… somewhere.

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